3 Ways To Create A Search Engine Friendly Image in Your Blog Post

It is Important to optimize the images you include as part of your blog post. Images are not naturally search-engine friendly because search engines use algorithms that can only scan text-based information. Search engines don’t know anything about images other than what you tell them.


It can also be a source of traffic to your blog as people might search for your images and search engines will direct them the particular post where the image is.

These are 3 Ways to Create a search engine friendly image on your blog posts.

#1. Using the “alt” Tag: This Tag helps to show a text file on images when it doesnt show up quickly maybe due to slow network connection. Also, when your browser image is turned off, this tag’s effect also appear.

This Tag helps to describe the image in more details. By Default, This Tag Leave a Blank Alt.

See Example Below:

<img src=”http://oscarmini.com/wp-content/uploads/blogger/-9sXuGJlBrFo/UVGiIavTy4I/AAAAAAAAAS4/SwTijlzyEgY/s320/SearchEngineFriendly%2BImage-717580.png” alt=”SearchEngineFriendlyImages” />

The Red colored texts shows how the “alt” tag should be placed.

#2. Image Name:
The Images you use on your blog post should have meaningful and descriptive names. Meaningful names helps to describe your images in more details to search engines. A meaningful name for your post images should go like this: “SearchEngineFriendly Image” instead of something “like image001.png”

See example of a descriptive Image Name below

<img src=”http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-9sXuGJlBrFo/UVGiIavTy4I/AAAAAAAAAS4/SwTijlzyEgY/s320/SearchEngineFriendly%2BImage-717580.png” alt=”SearchEngineFriendlyImages” />

#3. Image Title Tag:
The “title” of an image is actually the text that displays when the user hovers over the image with their mouse. It also Help To Give tour post image a description in search engines.

An example of how this works below:

<img src=”http://oscarmini.com/wp-content/uploads/blogger/-9sXuGJlBrFo/UVGiIavTy4I/AAAAAAAAAS4/SwTijlzyEgY/s320/SearchEngineFriendly%2BImage-717580.png” alt=”SearchEngineFriendlyImages” title=”CreateAnSeoFriendlyImage” />