30+ Certified Known and Unkown Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

One of the major things every blogger need to be successful id Traffic. And Most bloggers find it hard to drive enough traffic to their blogs.

We all want to know the best and fastest means of driving traffic to our blogs but actually, there is no fastest way or method. This is because what worked for me might not work out for you also. If i should apply many tips at a time and it helped me to gain about 1000 Pageviews, you might also apply the same tip and not get upto that amount or even get double of it.

Now What are The 50+ Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog???

#1. Blog Commenting: Develop the habit of leaving comments on other blogs. You can leave a link back to your blog in the comment box as visitors might also want to see what your blog has.

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#2. Use of Social Networks: You can drive traffic from social networks like twitter, Facebook etc. Create a Facebook fanpage for your blog and get people who have interest in your niche to like your page. Also with twitter, If People in your niche follow you, they find your tweets useful and will wanna check them out.

#3. Join Blogging Communities: Blogging communities help you communicate and interact with other bloggers from different parts fo the world. It can be a source of traffic because some of them allows you to publish your posts from you RSS automatically.

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#4. Publish An RSS Feed: Publish an RSS feed and encourage your Visitors or reader to subscribe to your feed. In this case, anytime you publish a new article on your blog, your readers automatically gets updated about your new article.

#5. Offer Email Subscription: you can offer an email subscription to your blog readers from Feedburner or any other Feed reader. By this, anytime you publish a new article, your readers get updated via email. This is more advanced than The Previous Tip Because many internet users dont use RSS.

#6. Giveout a free ebook: Write an informative ebook which might be sold by others and give it out to your blog readers for free. This will get you enough traffic. You can notify other bloggers in your niche via their contact about your free gift

#7. Use CommentLuv Plugin: If you are on wordpress blogging platform, using a CommentLuv Plugin is a great way to drive traffic because most people are always looking for commentluv enabled blogs to comment on and drive traffic and Backlinks to their own blogs.

#8. Use Social Bookmarking Sites: Submit your articles to social bookmarking sites. Also, include social bookmarking icons on your blog and also ask your readers to help share/bookmark your blog.

#9. Add sharing Codes On your blog: Use Addthis or sharethis codes on your blog, expecially at the top or bottom of your post contents. Ask your readers to share your blog articles and you too can also do the same.

#10. Interlink posts on your blog: Manually Interlink posts on your blog. Expecially a post which has to do or is related to a current topic…

#11. Use Related Post Plugins: Use Related post plugins to automatically create links to posts related to a particular post. This helps a great deal in increasing your pageviews.

#12. Use Random Post Plugins: random post plugins also helps in automatically creating links to various posts on your blog randomly.

#13. Build Backlinks: Link Building or Building Backlinks is the process of obtaining relevant, inbound links to your blog. It doesn not only help you drive traffic to your blog, it also helps give your site a higher ranking on Google.

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#14. Make Use Of Pinging Sites: Ping your blog with free pinging services like Pinggomatic.com, Pingoat.com, etc.

#15. Exchange Links with other blogs in your Niche: you can Use Blogrolls to make this possible. When doin this, don just exchange blogrolls with any blog, be selective, find blogs which have higher Seo Value, Page rank and traffic than you as it will help you a great deal.

#16. Do Guest blogging: Write and Submit Guest posts to blogs in your niche. Don Just submit and Leave. Submit and follow up comments and questions by readers.

#17. Forum Commenting: Commenting On Forums can also be a great way to drive traffic to your blog. Not only that it drives traffic, you can equally get backlink through them if their links are DoFollow.

#18. Hold a contest: Contests make great link bait. A few-hundred-dollar prize can result in thousands Traffics. Not only traffic.

#19. Become a Sponsor: Become a sponsor. All sorts of charities, contests, and conferences link to their sponsors. This can be a great way to gain visibility, Traffic, Backlinks, and a warm feeling in your heart.

#20. Reviews: review Relevant products on Amazone and Create product lists that reviews top products, then say something about yourself. Drop a link to your website. This is also a great strategy of of Getting Traffic Back to you blog.

#21. Answering questions on Question and answersites like Yahoo answers and Google groups can also be a good way of driving traffic to your blog.

#22. Interview Influencial Bloggers in your Niche

#23. Submit your blog to blog directories

#24. Submit your Articles to article directories

#25. Use Paid Services Like Google Adwords.

#25. Use Paid Services Like Facebook Ads.

#26. Use Paid Services Like Reddit Sponsored Links

#27. Purchase Direct Ads Banners.

#28. Add A Forum To Your Site: By this, you can make a discussion board in your site, letting many people to come in and share ideas, thereby generating Traffic.

#29. Try Offline Advertising: Try advertising your blog/website offline via Newspapers and magazines related to your niche.

#30. Create a video about your topic: You can film a short video that explains an aspect of your blog topic and upload it to YouTube and or other Video Sharing websites.

#31. Translate your content . Depending on the topic of your website, translating your pages into other languages could multiply your search engine traffic. In order to achieve this you need a plugin that will get your translated pages indexed by search engines.

#32. Add Your Blog url to your Email Signature.