5 Powerful Reasons You Are Not Getting Traffic From Twitter

Twitter as one of the top social networks is a good means of traffic for most bloggers But many bloggers fail to utilize the power of twitter in driving traffic to blogs. Today, I will tell you why you are not getting much traffic from twitter.

#1. You are not Using Hash (#) Tags:

Hash Tags are used to Link a particular keywork to Twitter search Page. When dropping links of your Article on Twitter, Try adding # Tags to most keywords you know people will like searching for. Example this is your topic “Best SEO and Link Building Practices for 2013” you should add # Tags to Keywords in the title like “Best #SEO and #LinkBuilding Practices for 2013”. By this, your post will be made available to people who search for either “SEO” or “Linkbuilding” in Twitter. Which means you can attract then to your Blog via this Means, thus More Traffic.

#2. You Bought Your Twitter Followers:

You Might be wondeing why you have about 100,000 Followers but none retweets or Favorites your tweets. Well, If you bought the followers, there are possibilities that over 80% of them are Bots Not Human.. Bots do not do things on their own unless someone operates them. even if they are not bots, they might not just be interested in what you are offering. Meaning that they will just ignore whatever you post on twitter. Most times, they may even decide to unfollow you. Meaning Less Traffic with Big followers.

#3. Your Username is not Niche Targeted:

Not Using a Niche Targetted Username can be the reason you are not getting traffic from twitter. This is very important. For example, if your website or blog is all about SEO services, Usernames like “SEOmonster” “SEOguru” “SEOGeek” are adviceable. This means that anybody who comes across your username will definitely know what your blog /website is all about. If they are Tech savvy peopl, They might want to see what you’ve got to offer. #MoreTraffic

#4. You Are not Using TwitterFeed:

Twitterfeed is a service used to automatically publish your blog Recent Posts to Twitter. Take advantage of this service to increase your twitter Reach. Goto www.twitterfeed.com and set Up your feed now!!

#5. You are not using Retweet Exchange Communities:

The Use of These communities are easy ways to gain more traffic from Twitter. The essense of these communities is for You to Retweet Other Users Tweets and Get other users to retweet yours too. Trade By Barter i Think. Scratch my Back, I scratch Yours Too. The greatest part of these communities is that they are FREE!!!

How Do They work?
Sign up and link your Twitter account
Members earn credits when they retweet or like your tweet.
Assign more credits to your message and attract more users to retweet it.
Spend your credits to get people to follow your Twitter account.
The more credits you assign, the more followers you get!
You Get More Free credits when you Retweet others’ Tweets.

What are these Communities?

There are many but i can categorically list 6 for now
1. www.justretweet.com
2. www.easyretweet.com
3. www.retweet.it
4. www.adretweet.com
5. www.favo.rs
6. http://wedoretweet.com/

And Many Others…

These Are just Few Reasons You Are not getting Much traffic from Twitter!!!

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