7 Best URL Shorteners To Make Money From

There Are Many Ways to Make Money online. Even From shortening your long URLs, You can Make Money with it by giving out the short links for your friends to visit.

Yesterday, I Posted 7 Best URL Shorteners and Their Features, Today, I am going to give you 7 Working URL Shorteners To Make From By Giving Out the URL you have shortened.

How Does It Work??

Shorten your URLs with the below url shortner services, then Place your links on Twitter, forums, websites and any social networking sites. Now when someone clicks on your link you will earn cash, if they click your referral link you will earn a bonus from that as well as a portion of what your referral earns.

1. www.Adf.ly
*. You Earn $4 for Every 1000 visitors that visits your links. *. *. You can also earn a 20% Commision for Refering Users.
*. The Minimum Payout Is $5 Via Paypal or Alertpay

2. www.bc.vc
*. You Earn $4 For 1000 Visits to your URL.
*. You can earn a 20% Commision for refering users.
*. Minimum payment of $5 via paypal

3. www.ilix.in
*. You Earn $0.50 – $5 for 1000 Visits to Your URL.
*. You can request payout anytime as long as you’ve reached 15000 total raw hits, which is equivalent to $15.00 (If the rate is $1.00) . But once you requested it, ALL hits at the time of verification for payout will be counted
*. Payout Via LibertyReserve, LiqPay, WMZ, Payza and Paypal.

4. www.4ks.net
*. Earn more than $2.00/1000 visitors to your links.
*. Refer users and get a whopping 10% commission!
*. Low $20.00 minimum payout

5. www.ity.im
*. Earn 5.50$ CPM with interstitials and $0.80CPM with banner ads!
*. $15.00 minmum to request payment.
*. Payments made by Paypal

6. www.blv.me
*. Earn up to $10 per lead, even without a website!
*. Minimum payment is only $10!
*. Refer people and get 5% of their earnings for life!

7. www.uanurl.com
*. Earn USD$0.5 per 1000 valid views
*. Refer Others and Get USD$0.5 per Referral Payout
*. Multiply Your Earnings with 20% Commission
*. Low USD$2 Minimum Payout