7 Simple Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria

There Are many ways to make money online in Nigeria. The problem is putting the right things in place and people are just afraid of being scammed or duped not knowing that Every business has risk.

After some talks with many Online big boys from Nigeria, I discovered that these methods are really working out and decided to share them with You all.

These 7 Methods are tested and trusted. Just Read on!!!

#1. Make Money From Football Betting: Me Myself, This method has been working for me. I have been making some cool cash by just predicting football match results.

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#2. You can Make Money Online in Nigeria From Blogging, Even though it doesnt come so fast. The areas you can Make money online from blogging is through promoting Affiliate programs, selling Advert space and offers.

If you dont have money to invest, you can start with free blogging Platforms..

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#3. Make Money Rendering Services On Fiverr: This is another way to make it online. You have a service you want to render? Why not visit fiverr.com and sell your service at $5 for each person that is interested in your service.

#4. Make Money Online Selling Websites: You Have a domain/website you are no longer using. Why not sell it at a good price on Flippa.com?? Flippa.com is an online marketplace where people come to sell and buy websites.

#5. Get Paid Doing Affiliate Programs: You can make money promoting affiliate products and get a commision for every sale made from your affiliate Link. You can promote your affiliate Links on Your Blog, online forums and lots More.

#6. Make Money For Setting Up Blogs For People: This Is another way to make money online in Nigeria. Blogging is a cool way to make money online but over 60% of people that want to go into it dont know how to setup their own blogs. You can make money from them by setting up blogs for them.

#7. Make Money Registering Domains for People: I also make money through this Means. You too can start making money today by helping others to register their own domaiN names. that is helping them to buy .com, .net, .org, .mobi, domains.

Maybe someone using blogger free Blogging platform want to change his domain from blogname.blogspot.com to blogname.com, buying the domains for them and setting it up can be a source of Income for you.