Add Colorful Popular Post Widget to your Blogger Blog

Today, we are going to to talk about how to add a colourful popular post widget to your blogger blog.

Below is exactly how the widget looks like

To add this widget to your blog, Just goto your Blogger Dashboard, Locate the blog and proceed to Template and EDIT HTML.

Search For ]]></b:skin> . Add the Below Code Just Above It.

/*—– Popular Post By—–*/
/* Custom CSS for Blogger Popular Post Widget */ .PopularPosts ul, .PopularPosts li, .PopularPosts li img, .PopularPosts li a, .PopularPosts li a img { margin:0 0; padding:0 0; list-style:none; border:none; background:none; outline:none; } .PopularPosts ul { margin:.5em 0; list-style:none; font:normal normal 13px/1.4 “Arial Narrow”,Arial,Sans-Serif; color:black; counter-reset:num; } .PopularPosts ul li img { display:block; margin:0 .5em 0 0; width:50px; height:50px; float:left; } .PopularPosts ul li { background-color:#eee; margin:0 10% .4em 0; padding:.5em 1.5em .5em .5em; counter-increment:num; position:relative; } .PopularPosts ul li:before, .PopularPosts ul li .item-title a { font-weight:bold; font-size:120%; color:inherit; text-decoration:none; } .PopularPosts ul li:before { content:counter(num); display:block; position:absolute; background-color:black; color:white; width:30px; height:30px; line-height:30px; text-align:center; top:50%; right:-10px; margin-top:-15px; -webkit-border-radius:30px; -moz-border-radius:30px; border-radius:30px; } /* Set color level */ .PopularPosts ul li:nth-child(1) {background-color:#E11E28;margin-right:1%} .PopularPosts ul li:nth-child(2) {background-color:#FD3C03;margin-right:2%} .PopularPosts ul li:nth-child(3) {background-color:#FECB09;margin-right:3%} .PopularPosts ul li:nth-child(4) {background-color:#6EBE27;margin-right:4%} .PopularPosts ul li:nth-child(5) {background-color:#149A48;margin-right:5%} .PopularPosts ul li:nth-child(6) {background-color:#5BBFF1;margin-right:6%} .PopularPosts ul li:nth-child(7) {background-color:#61469C;margin-right:7%} .PopularPosts ul li:nth-child(8) {background-color:#863E86;margin-right:8%} .PopularPosts ul li:nth-child(9) {background-color:#863E62;margin-right:9%} .PopularPosts ul li:nth-child(10) {background-color:#815540;margin-right:10%}

Save your template after adding the above code.

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