Alternative To MTN Magic SIM For Free Browsing

It is barely 2 weeks since the MTN Magic SIM Free browsing cheat was blocked, and we all have been searching for various ways to browse for free on the MTN line for free.

I got a remedy to that which might not actually sound as a remedy to some people anyway. But for now, you can use this methods as alternatives to browse for free.

Method 1 For MTN Magic SIM

Though I have not tested this, someone sent a mail one what he did to re-activate the free browsing on his MTN SIM.
Steps : Once your Magic Sim for MTN has been de-activated, keep your SIM offline for like 12 hours, then send RESET to 131.
He actually said it worked for him and is not currently working for everyone.

Method 2 To Enjoy Free Browsing Experience once Again

This method is not actually for free like the other. It is simply making use of the MTN BIS which is now #1000 to browse with your mobile phones and PC.

To Subscribe to the MTN BIS on your, Load #1000 MTN recharge on your SIM, then send BBC to 21600 in an SMS.

You would automatically be activated for the MTN BBC plan for a period of 30 days. Make sure you configure your mobile phones or PC with the Access point :
I hope you enjoy this alternatives to MTN Free Browsing tricks tweaks for july, august, september, november and december.

Happy free browsing.