Damn It!!! Google Page Rank Is Way Too Overrated!!!

I Will Start by Defining Google PageRank.

PageRank is the value that Google assigns to every website, based on incoming links expecially the quality of those links, and a number of other things they’ll never tell us. A better knowledge of What page rank is can be found searching the Internet.

Pagerank is Basically an assessment of just how many ‘votes’ your site gets in the overall hierarchy of the entire internet.

Now, To the Topic: Google Page Rank is Way Too OverRated. Yeah!!! There has been Hype about the next PR update. People concentrating on LinkBuilding Only not wanting to do other things that insures their success in Blogosphere. Most People Value Page Ranks of a website more than what the Website has to offer. And i see no difference between them and those being enchanted by Witch Doctors. LOL.

Some Reasons One should not just wast his Time in Page ranking.

#1. It doesnt Really Determine Your Position on SERP:

Your page rank doesnt determine your position on Search engine result Pages. Even though Quality Backlinks helps you gain higher Ranks on major search engines, it doesnt determine your position on Search engine Result Page. Reason? If your SEO is properly done, even with PR 0, you can be on the first Page of Search Engines. For ranking your Keywords in Google or other Search Engines, the PR of your website does not really matter, I have seen many of friends with their brand new websites on Page 1 for their Keywords, and their sites have a Page Rank of 0.

#2. It Doesnt Mean More Earning:

Your PageRank doesnt mean you are Earning More Even though with Higher PageRank you can sell Links from your website.. Many Advertising Companies dont accept your blog into their programs because it has a good Pagerank. They Check on your Site Traffic. Some accepts sites with a Minimum of 50,000 Daily Pageviews or Less. And they mostly Use Your Alexa rank to Guage your Traffic Level. Here, Traffic is of more importance.

#3. It Can Be Bought:

If You have enough Money to “Squander” you can Buy Relevant Links to an empty Website and it can attain upto 4-5 Page Ranks. Google are working on clamping down on Paid Links. But Of what value is Page Rank Here? Does it mean this empty website is better than other websites having 0-3 Pageranks but have greate contents? Even though you can Sell those websites at greate profits, It isnt worth the kinda Rating it gets.

#4. You can Manipulate Google PR:

Yeah!! Just as you can Manipulate the Alexa Rank of a Website, you can also manipulate the Page Rank of any webpage even the one you bought today. How? If you get new domains and Perform a 301 redirect it to a high PR Site, The New Domains automatically Gets A High PR Also. How then is PR Important in this Case?

#5. Content is Ignored:

Yeah! The over rating of Page Rank has made some bloggers to ignore content which is the King. For Example, Ask the average internet user that isn’t a techie and just surfs the web about PR and they’ll give you a blank look. They go to sites because they like the content, plain and simple.They don’t care what the PR is and neither should we!!

PageRank is only a measure of knowing your link popularity.
Dont take it seriously if you are getting high traffic.
Although PR becomes important factor if you want to sell or buy a domain.