Get The MTN Magic Sim Tweak For Free


You must have been hearing about the MTN MAGIC SIM CARD!, this Sim Card works like magic!

No Proxy Required
No Need for Software
No Need for VPN
No Need to Subscribe for MTN BIS
No Hidden Charges,
No Bandwidth Limit
No Expiring Date

NOTE: This package on how to provision your MTNSIM CARD for MTN MAGIC SIM CARD is not free and you can never find this package for free, even if you search online, you will be suprise to see shocking price this package goes for, so if you don’t know what to do with the internet, please don’t just bother replying and don’t order for this package.

This package is meant for only those that know the value of the internet and want to take advantage of this by browsing unlimitedly with no data limits.

1. Any MODEM that works with MTN Sim Card
2. Your PC, Mobile or Laptop
3. Network in Your Locality
4. Get a complete Pack of the CONFIGURATION GUIDE on how to set up this unique browsing technique!

You can make alot of money provisioning or configuring SIM Cards for others
You can also sell the configuration guide to other subscribers Its unique, fast, unlimited browsing, unlimited download, extremely fast, stream online videos, skype calls and lot of more…
No expiry date for this package, you will just be browsing like that
No Data Limit

Network can be used in a cyber cafe I.E Can be shared between 2-10 computers or more
Has a very high speed of 7.2Mb/secs
Powers every application on your computer, Andriod, symbian and java phones

To Get This Done, Follow The Below Process:::

Step 1.
Recharge 300 on Your Sim and Make sure you are on MTN Pulse.

Step 2.
Send 2H in an SMS to 131 (you will get an sms saying welcome to MTN 2hours Bla Bla Bla)

Step 3.
Remove Your Sim and do not use it for 25 hours. (don not use it to Browse, 2go or whatsapp)

Step 4.
After the 25 Hours, Send 106 to 131, Dial*123*4*2*1#, then dial *123*4*5*2*1# and remove your sim for 30 mins, then Insert it again and Start Surfing