Get Unlimited Data Bundle GB on Airtel for Free Browsing

This is regarded as the Best, Fastest and Latest data bundle airtel tweak trick to get 1GB, 2GB, 6GB and more. And it all depends on you.This trick has been circulating and blazing like hell for the past few weeks.As for me, I have 19GB on my two Airtel sims. Read Carefully:

You must have an Etisalat Sim Near. You must have noting less or more than 100 naira on Your Airtel sim.

Then, Call Your etisalat line with Your airtel.. while it is ringing, Dial *440*6#, You’ll get an error
message. Don’t mind them, terminate the call. Check Your Balance, Your money will still be intact and u’ll be given 10MB…

Repeat the step to get as many MB as possible.

Please Note: The total amount before trying the tricks must be #100 sharp, It will
never work if the Airtime On Your Airtel Sim is more than #100 i.e #101, #105, #102 e.t.c. It must be
#100 Sharp…

Note: This Airtel Cheat, Trick, Tweak works as at time of post. Simply read carefully and understand before applying the latest free browsing trick made available.