Glo Magic SIM Free Browsing For 2014

Wow, if you are not using this great Glo unlimited cheap browsing for 2014 then see yourself that you are not living inside this world. This GLO magic sim works perfectly only if you follow the below steps.

Do not believe those that says it is not working, because they are just not good at what they read. Some people sell this tweak on their website but here, we will be giving it out for free and not cheap involving money.
If you did the last MTN Magic sim, you will confirm it but MTN caught it after sometime of releasing publicly, so we advise that you get this done before GLO get their back again.

The type of this Glo Magic Sim is data share where one sim shares the unlimited mb to other sim, hence you need two sim card to perform this tweak.

This GLO magic sim has some great features like that of MTN magic sim which includes:
This GLO magic sim browses at a low speed of 7.2mb/s, Also this magic sim works on all device but blackberry device is exceptional etc. This Glo Magic sim downloads any app you want and also it is forever.

The only requirement for this Glo Magic is two Glo Sim Card.

Guidelines To Get Your GLO Magic Sim Browsing [Configuration Settings Here]
With this simple tutorial one can just browse forever, it is cheap for 2014.

First Step: As we said earlier, you need two glo sim. Let take the one sim as SIM 1 while the second one is SIM 2.

Second Step: Now insert SIM 1 into your modem or some other device after that just insert SIM 2 into a Nokia torch.

Third Step: After that just load the needed N1000 on your SIM 2 which should be the one on your phone. Now dial *127*53# or sending 53 to 127 to subscribe for the GLO package internet browsing.

Fourth Step:
After the subscription, do not browse for now just wait… NOTE; if you are using Android phone just turn your data off. So we advise you insert SIM 2 into your Nokia Torch.

Fifth Step: Read this number 5 step very carefully because this the main place where the magic sim is. From the sim you earlier activated the number 3 Glo package i.e SIM 2 just dial *127*01*SIM 1 number#.
Example is : Dial *127*01*08059610696#.     After that you will receive a message on your SIM 1.

Sixth Step: Just begin your browsing with your SIM 1 for like 2 to 3 minutes but after that just dial this code on SIM 2 *127*02*SIM 1#. That’s all.

Note: Using a modem isn’t advisable. And also sharing of data on SIM 2 with more than one Glo sim cards is possible but ensure that you use the number 5 step to cancel the data sharing on SIM 2.

Congratulation you have started your browsing for life. Share this post on all social media site, forum and other places.  Thank you, this is unlimited. If you have any problem just comment below and we will answer you within some hours