Globacom Nigeria Introduces Free Facebook Access For Her Subscribers

National Telecoms Operator, Globacom has launched the Glo Zero Facebook, which gives millions of subscribers on the network free access to Facebook pages on their mobile phones without paying for data subscription or airtime.

A statement signed by Globacom’s Marketing Coordinator, Mr. Niyi Olukoya said with the Glo Zero Facebook, Globacom has empowered its subscribers to network and socialize on Facebook free of charge.

”The implication of this awesome service is that our subscribers can now keep in touch with their friends, family and even business associates on the social network site, Facebook from their Glo lines without having any data subscription or airtime on their phones,” Olukoya said.

To access the service, Olukoya advised subscribers to type, 0.facebook.comor o.facebook.coms in the uniform resource locator (url) box on the web page, adding that the new mobile sites include all the key features of Facebook which are optimized for speed with zero data charges.

The statement further states that customers will only pay for data charges when they view photos or when they leave 0.facebook.comto browse other mobile sites. “When you click to view a photo or browse another mobile site, a notification page will appear to confirm that you will be charged if you want to leave“, explained Olukoya.

Globacom said that Zero Facebook is designed to solve the twin major challenges people around the world face when using the mobile internet – speed and cost of data.

“With this Product, the subscriber can update hisstatus, view News Feeds, like or comment on Posts, send and reply to Messages, or write on Friends’ Wall just as we do on Rather than making photos viewable on, the photos are one click away, so it doesn’t slow down the experience. You can still view any photos on Facebook if you want, but your regular data fees will apply,” the statement said.

According to Olukoya, “there is a lot of content on the Web and many customers do not have any idea about how to get it. Globacom wants to bring this vast resource closer to the subscriber at no cost”.