How Know When Someone Click Bomb your Adsense Account Via SMS

Google Adsense Is No Doubt The One Surest Way Moat Bloggers and Site Owners Make Money From Their Blogs.

I Previously Wrote a Post on 7 Activities That Might Get You Adsense Account Disabled or Banned And I Talked About Click Fraud. It is also similar to ClickBombing. But In clickbombing, Some Wicked People Just Knowingly Repeatedly Click Your Adsense Account to Make Google Ban You.

Activating This Sms Alert Will Enable You receive sms alerts whenever Your Adsense Account Has Been Clicked Bombed.

It Enables You set a Limit of Clicks You Expects Per day. When the clicks cross that Limit, You gets notified Via Sms.

To Enable This, Follow The Steps Below!!!

*. Activate Your Phone Number On Google Calendar By Singing In with Your Google Account. Goto Settings > Mobile Setup Enter your mobile number and verify it.

*. Create a copy of this Google Spreadsheet Document By Clicking on It and Give it any Name of your choice.

*. After making a copy of the spreadsheet Document, Goto Script Editor In Located Tool. Then Click Resources and select “Use Google Apis”.

*. After selecting Use Google APIs, choose “Google APIs Console” and a new page will open. In the New Page, Go to Services and click on the OFF button next to “Adsense Management API” to Turn it On.

*. After That, Goto API Access and you will see Your API Key. Copy the Key and Save in Your Computer.

*. Now, Go Back to The Previous Page, Paste the API key. Then, click on OK.
(Remember To On Adsense Management API)

*. Now, We are going to Configure The Limits Of clicks which when Exceeded, You will receive the Alert. To Do This, Search for BOMBLIMIT on the Script Editor and replace it with the Maximum Number of clicks you expect daily from your adsense account. That is, if you expect Nothing More than 10 Clicks, Replace the BOMBLIMIT with 10.

*. Now We are going to Put Your Adsense Client ID. To do This, Search for IDHERE inf the Script Editor and Replace it with your Adsense Client Id. Your Client Id is Same as your Publisher Id but This Case, Instead of Putting “Pub-xxxxxxxxxx” Put “Ca-Pub-xxxxxxxxxx” where “xxxxxxxxxxx” is Your Id.

*. After You must have set up these Stuffs, You Need to setup a Trigger Project. Follow the steps Below:

*. Go to Resources > Current Project’s Triggers, Click on the link that says “No triggers set up. Click here to add one now.”

*. Select the fields from the drop down list in the page. I’d recommend not to use minutes timer. Click on Save.

*. After That, You will be required to Authorize the Changes You have Made. Now Click on Grant Access. After You have done that, Click Save button on the triggers window once again.

*. Incase you receive Alerts on This and Feels that Its Truly ClickBombing, You can Report To Google Immediately

All Thanks To The Lacuna Blog For This wonderful script