How to chat with your facebook friends using 2go

This is one of the most good features which the fastest rising chat application in Nigeria, 2go, comes with. With 2go Messenger, you can chat with your facebook friends right from your 2go application and you would appear to be online to people using pc and other media such as 2go. Isn’t this. Without boring you with long introduction, lets learn How to connect your facebook with your 2go messenger application.

How To Download 2go
From your phone browser, go to or  Fill in your registration details appropriately.

How To Add Facebook friends

After installation of the2go applicarion, Go to “settings”  then , “gateways“. Click on “Facebook” Enter your facebook username and password login details. And that’s all. When ever your Facebook friends come online, you will be notified and you can start chatting with them.

NOTE: To get your facebook username, Go to to get your Facebook username. Once you get it from there, that it what you will enter in your 2go chat application as your Facebook username. Enter the password you use in logging in to Facebook in the password field and you will be good to go.

If your short Facebook Profile address is after getting your Facebook Username, the “something” is what you must enter into the 2go chat application as your username, NOT

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I hope this helps..