How To Get 60 GB On MTN For A Month

This Is exclusively and More profitable for PC and Smartphone Users. Though you can use the data on your mobile, you wont really enjoy it.

All you need for this is An MTN Sim and 100 Naira Daily and a VPN Provider.

You might have probably heard of various VPN Providers or softwares that enables you to run BIS on pc. Be it on MTN, Airtel, or Etisalat and GLO.

This New Finding Helps You Use MTN BBC Daily Plan For 30 Days a Month at a Price of 100 Naira Daily.

With These New Finding, You Will Be having 60GB Data for A Month Just for 3000 Naira Only.. Just Follow the steps below and you will certainly Enjoy this..

Step 1.
Get a VPN account from any Trusted Provider you Know. Precisely a Premium Account for Unlimited Access.

Step 2.
Recharge Your sim with 100 Naira Only

Step 3.
Send a Message with Keyword ‘BBCDAY’ to 21600. Your Money will Be Deducted Instantly.

The Good thing Behind this New Concept:

You will be given a data Cap of 2GB per day on the BBCDAY. We all know that the normal monthly data plan which costs 1500 Naira and is Unlimited But not necessarily Unlimited because you always gets disconnected and reconnected after you must have exhausted upto 4GB or 5GB. But This BBCDAY once exhausted can Be reneweded that same day with Just 100 Naira and this is a plus to heavy downloaders who can exhaust the 2GB because they can Renew it.

How We arrived at 60GB for One month:
You Get 2GB each day. 2GB multiplied with 30days of the mont gives you 60GB. Even though MTN Says that the Monthly plan of 1500 naira is Unlimitedly, Its not always certain.

How we arrived at the Price, 3000 Naira/month:
If You Use 100 Naira daily for 1 Month, 30 Days, It sums upto 3000 Naira that Month.

Also, This Will be of benefit to some people who find it difficult to bring out 1500 Naira at once for monthly Plan. It is easier to bring out 100 naira daily…

Even though many wont enjoy or find this useful, I know a few would. Thanks.