How To Make Money Blogging In 2014 – A stroll with Nosa E Nosa

Hello and welcome once again to The eTech Journal. Actually, This is my first post on this blog for the year 2014 and it has lots to do with the year in General.

Today, we gonna be talking with Nosa Ero Nosa of, a pro and successful blogger who has walked through both the sweet and ugly path of blog-o-sphere.

The topic of our talk today is on How To Make Money Blogging In 2014. It is no longer a notice that blogging challenges increase as years go by.

Nosa, As an experienced blogger is today going to talk to us, with experience the possible and most likely ways of  making money with your blog(s) in 2014.

You are here,  You are about to know some new tips or suggestions on how to make money with your blog in 2014.

Lets go there:

  • Introduction:

Antonio Omeihe:
Hello Mr. Nosa, I believe that a good percentage of my readers here know you. but for the little percentage who don’t, i would like you to tell us who you are.

Nosa Ero Nosa:
Firstly, let me say it’s a great honor to be on your great blog and my warm greetings to your readers who already know me. For the little percentage of your readers whom I am alien to, let me quickly say that my name is Nosa Ero Nosagie (aka Nosa E. Nosa), I am a passionate blogger who has developed a healthy disrespect for mediocrity in the blog-o-sphere. I am a tech geek and my passion is also visible in gaming. I Started playing games since I was 5 years of age and it has really improved my knowledge on a lot of things. I am the Senior Editor of and a author of several blogs.

  • How He Drive Traffic To Your Blog:

Antonio Omeihe:
Thanks for you little introduction sire.
Monetizing your blog requires a good number of traffic. could you tell us how you drive traffic to your blog?

Nosa Ero Nosa:
Monetizing one’s blog doesn’t entirely rely on traffic as I have learned in the last few months. The first thing one has to do is to monetize his visitors before monetizing his blog. Someone could have 300 visitors per day and still earn more than someone who receives 3,000 visits per day. There is no gimmicks to it, it’s purely the application of wisdom!
One really has to treat blogging as a corporate organization, ensuring that his blog is the benchmark for excellence. People will always trust someone who has a reputation for excellence and when the trusted Blogger makes a comment, or recommend a product or service, it becomes almost a law. The point is this; Monetize your visitors by assuming the mind of your readers and providing answers to their needs.
How do I drive traffic to my blog? Everyone is tired of hearing “Content is King”, but if you awake me from my sleep and still ask how to drive traffic, I would simply reply with the same philosophy of creating incredible contents to provoke unusual traffic.
And then, make the most of social networking sites like FaceBook and Twitter, “Spend” a few bucks on promoting your posts on your FaceBook page and Sponsored Tweets. They are other social hubs like BizSugar, Blogengage, Reddit and alot of others that you can easily build relationship with other bloggers and readers. Thus, solidifying your authority in the blog-o-sphere.
Search engines love blogs that loads under 3 seconds, that’s the golden spot for bloggers who want to rank in the first page of search queries. Try to work out a system that should make your blog load under 3 seconds, you could try using a CDN to see if things works better.
Blogging isn’t all about “Earn and Earn,” you have to “Spend and Spend” as well to actualize your goals. Once you put in effort commensurate with blog-o-sphere standards, your blog will always attract the monetary equivalent.

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  • Methods He Use And Plan To Use In Monetizing His Blog This 2014

Antonio Omeihe:
what a brilliant reply from you sir.
I believe many bloggers who really think blogging to success is all about traffic would learn a different thing here today.
ok. Now to the next phase.
Within the short time your blog, has existed, it has impacted and affected many lives positively. Could you share your idea on how you monetize your blog and your plans to monetize it in this new year

Nosa Ero Nosa:
Thanks, but don’t you think your response is a little bit over the top?  I believe every blog is a product of the mindset of the blogger. My blog has existed for not so long a period of time, but I have put in 3 times the effort of my previous blogging experience to fine tune it to the path of success. Still not where I would have loved it to be, but it’s a great feeling to be where it is currently.
People have various reasons for owning a blog and the greatest pitfall I avoided was to become passionate about blogging at a time when I had the least clue that Blogging could be a money making machine as many young bloggers have been meant to believe. This becomes the recipe for frustration when one doesn’t earn as he was expected to have earn and then they quit.
I wrote a post on how to earn money from one’s blog, I listed five sites that works and I have earned a couple of times from SponsoredReviews. I particularly prefer infolinks over at the moment and that’s what I use on my blog. Google Adsense also has a role to play in monetizing my blog. I also get direct offers and accept the ones that fits into the philosophy of my blog.
In the new year, there are no special plans for monetizing, that’s because I need to nature the blog to become a brand and you know things like this take a whole lot of time. I believe in two – three years time, other better options would be available.

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  • Possible Methods Others Can Use To make Money Blogging In 2014:

Antonio Omeihe:
From the little time i have known you sire and from your stories, i was able to learn that you have lots of experience in blogging, both success and failure.
As a pro and an experienced Blogger, could you give us insight and experienced thought on the possible ways to make money blogging in 2014 which is the main reason we are here

Nosa Ero Nosa:
Yes, that’s right. The failure part is something I would have been able to avoid, had I learned from instructions and built strong relationship with top bloggers.
Only the ignorant thinks he knows it all and it takes humility to ask the right kind of questions. Something I never did, but after deciding no longer to become a blogger in isolation, things look less rocky!
The best ways to make money blogging is to have a blog that complies with Google Adsense policies,
Using is also great especially for bloggers with U.S traffic
Info-links is also very impressive, you can get a few bucks to cover your hosting fees if you are on WordPress.
Become an affiliate, there are lots of Affiliate programs to join. I use Amazon Associates and it works. Konga Affiliate programs is also cool.
I haven’t tried AD dynamo in years but bloggers have been reporting tremendous improvement and I guess it’s giving a shot.
Write an e-book that contain vital information on blogging and offer at a competitive price.
You can also create a landing page on your blog, showing visitors what you have to offer.
Join networks like Fiverr and walk your way through the process of attaining steady income.
Contact companies related to your niche and request for sponsorship and entice them with what they stand to gain. They will come at your feet requesting for more deals if you deliver on your first deal.
Accept sponsored posts and make it of high quality, you will always get more clients. There are guidelines to writing a sponsored article that won’t make your blog any less cool.
You can also organize seminars and webinars, collecting a charge for offering your knowledge. The list is just endless and you pick out a few you believe can work for you.

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  • Advice to New and Ambitious Bloggers Out There:

Antonio Omeihe:
Another wonderful reply from you.
You know, there are new and ambitious bloggers out there who run into blogging with basic aim to make money. what are your thoughts toward that and what do you have to tell them?

Nosa Ero Nosa:
Thanks Mr. Antonio. Blogging is a “very serious” business that will consume your time, energy and resources. It’s a slow process that may not work for one who doesn’t have patience and that is where the problem is. This is the point of frustration in blogging and this is where bloggers are made or consumed, once you overcome frustration, you get fulfillment.
You need to start from the bottom, great bloggers like Copyblogger, Problogger and over here in Nigeria, the likes of LindaIkeji, and Ogbongeblog all started from the bottom and are now being rewarded for the hard-work seed planted over the years.
Most pro-bloggers have shared their stories and the most fascinating thing about those stories is that 90% of them crossed their first Google Adsense threshold of $100 after 2-years. It’s a long wait, but passion will determine if the blog-o-sphere needs you.
There is no magic to earning and being a successful blogger doesn’t happen by a sudden flight. You need to groom yourself for greatness. The big Mango tree was first a seed and where it was planted was only known by the planter. You could be insignificant today, but keep distancing yourself from mediocrity, and aim “only” for excellence!
Excellence is the benchmark for success, no wonder why it is very rare and surrounded by a sea of sweat. At the point you come out of your shell, you’d be amazed how your “no-name” blog automatically becomes a brand everyone want to associate with.
Always try to be the best in your niche and always perform “extra-ordinary efforts” to provoke “extra-ordinary results.” That’s how it works.

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  •  Conclusion:
Antonio Omeihe:
Nosa Bro, thanks for your time here. I think this is how far we can go for today. Once again, thanks for your time. We really appreciate your presence.
Nosa Ero Nosa:
Its a Pleasure being Here Bro. Have a Nice day.
Hello Readers, I believe You have read these amazing strategies suggested by this pro blogger, and i also believe his suggested strategies will have a positive effect on your blog monetization and blogging strategy. especially for new and ambitious bloggers out there.

Over to You, You have any other strategy to drop you wanna add to these? you can use the comment box. your suggestion could be helpful to some other readers.

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