Latest free browsing cheat to extend Airtel MB in October

This is a step by step guideline on how To Extend and Surpass the 10MB Airtel Daily Data Bundle. Here is the latest working cheat trick for october 2012

Steps to use this latest airtel tweak

Step 1: Ensure that you have successfully subscribe for the Airtel 10mb plan, which is valid for 24hours Only.

Step 2: After You’ve Subscribed and recieved a Notification Text from Airtel that You 10MB Airtel Data Bundle is active till the next 24hours, you are to start browsing and downloading with the settings below.
PORT: 8080

Step 3: Please ensure that your megabyte is still active, and it remain’s 1mb or more than 1mb. To check how many Megabytes Data Bundle Remains Active In My Airtel Simcard, Dial *123*10# to check your mb

Step 4: After checking how many Active MB are still active in Your Airtel 1 Day Data Bundle Plan, ensure that You do not browse the Internet with it anymore till 5minutes when you megabyte is meant to expire. For Example: If You did Activate The Airtel 1 Day 10MB Data Plan at 9.00Am Today, ensure that By 8:45 — 8:55Am the Next Day, use the guideline below.

Step 5: Then Go to Your Phone Manual Date/Time Settings, then Re-Set Your Mobile phone to the this. DAY: 31st MONTH: December. YEAR: 2007. After that, you can start surfing the Internet without checking your Data Plan AGAIN!.
Important Notice: Please Note that Your megabyte (MB) will be 0.00. However, you are surfing for free throughout that Week, or for the Next 7days.
CAUTION: Please Make Sure That during the time you’re using this Tips shared above to browse for free, we seriously advise you not to recharge your Airtel Mobile Simcard. Because Once You’ve recharged, You’ll alert Airtel And Change Your Current Date And Time status, plus Your surfing status.

Hope you enjoyed this working latest and current airtel october free browsing and unlimited cheat trick.