Latest May 2014 Android MTN Free Browsing Trick & Tweak

We are here once again to share with you a working MTN tweak for your Android phones.
This free browsing android cheat code has been working for sometime and has been tested to work as at time of this post. Though there are cheap android internet plans, browsing free seems to be the option most of our readers would go for.

MTN logo

How to configure the MTN tweak on your Android smartphone.

Step 1. Make sure that your device IP and Port is set to:
IP: and Port: 8080. To check/set, move to settings=> Mobile network=> Apn.. Then check the fields if it already exists.

Step 2. Send Fbo to 131 and wait till you recieve a welcome message.

Step 3. Download operamini handler in apk format here or UCbrowser Here and open, the child lock code is

Step 4. Once you open the operamini/Ucbrowser handler, then the handler menu (Fields), you are to input the below setup.

Frontquerry: % 0 0 [email protected]

Then tick remove port.
Select Real host and input

Save the field setup and enter. Then start flexing.
Take note that they are some MTN sim that caps the tweak as 5mb, so if yours is capped 5mb, to make it unlimited, follow the brief procedure below.

#1. Download Sms scheduler from playstore Here or download directly, here.

#2. Then set it… Type the number which is 131, and message which is fb0, then tap the date and move it to the next time, tap 3mins then add.

With this software, it would help send the Fb0 message automatically every 3mins. With that, the 5MB capped plan would be increased and becomes unlimited.

Make sure you drop your comments here and feel free to share your working MTN free browsing cheats and tricks for both android and symbian smartphones.