Latest Mtn and Etisalat Free Browsing Tricks and Cheat on Opera mini, Bolt and Ucweb.

These are the latest free browsing tricks available in Nigeria

Firstly you have to configure your mobile to you networks internet settings. You can get mtn’s cnfiguration at, search for mtn, then download the file “oscar_mtn_prov.prov”.

You can manually configure it. Ip= Port=8080,

Or send “settings” (without quotes) in a sms to 3888.


OPERA MINI (4.2,4.3,5.0,5b2,5.2,6.0)

Now in http server put in http://[email protected] or or

In socket server :- socket:// ,

front query:- [email protected]

and host:- or or or

BOLT (any version)
http server:-

socket server:- socket://

front query:-[email protected]

host:- or or or

UCWEB(any version)

front query:-[email protected]

host:- or or or


IP= Port=80, APN=etisalat

http server put in:-

socket server:- socket://

Enjoy them while they last.