Latest MTN Free Browsing Cheats and Tricks for OperaMini (November Updated) Etisalat Included.

let me start with MTN free browsing cheats and tricks for opera mini 4.2, 5.2.

But before it would work for you, you have to migrate to MTN FUNLINK. To migrate, text 440 in an sms to 131. After that, put this in your opera mini.
Activate MTN default configuration.
http server:
socket server: socket://
frontquery: [email protected]

Now for Etisalat Free browsing on your opera mini 4.2, 5.2

use etisalat default configuration.

Put this is your opera mini.
http server:
socket server: socket://
proxy type: HTTP
proxy server:

After u launch your operamini, press #8, scroll down to protocol and change it to SOCKET. Enjoy
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