Make Money Online Rendering Services and Products

You have a service you want to render online but you dont know how to? Why not join fiverr and start selling/rendering your service for $5??

Fiverr is an online marketplace where people from different part of the world come to buy and render services at a static price of $5.

To Get Started, Create a free account at Next, check your email for a confirmation mail.

Next, You need a Paypal account which you can create at

You need a paypal account because it is the only allowed payment option.

After that, You can start creating as many Gigs as possible. A gig means what you can offer for sale. Example: I will sing a song with your name for $5, I will Give you 5000 facebook Fans for $5, I will Give you 5000 Twitter Followers for $5 etc. For a specific number of days.

You can start making money from your Gigs when people find them interesting and orders for it..

Things to note when creating a gig.

** you should only create gigs that you can offer under a specified number of days.
** you must not engage in dispute with your customers as it will lead to bad reputation.

It is also important that Fiverr takes $1 for every successful service rendered.

Imagine when you create about 100 gigs and you successfully render 20 out of them. You have made 20 X $5 which is $100.. But you will be paid $80 after they have collected $1 for every successful sales.

Payment are always accrued to your account and made available for instant withdrawal after 14 days from the day your work was completed.

You may withdraw your earnings into your paypal account.

What next? Why not create an account today and start making money online from your talent and service.