Most Awesome Best Practices to speed up your Blog

Having Lotsa Visitors is a good thing. But when your blog doesnt load up faster, your visitors would be discouraged not to visit your blog again. To build a blog that will still exist in the future, you have to make the readers stay at your blog. Increasing Your blog Speed Also Helps to decrease your blog bounce rate. A Blog can only be successful if it has readers who love your content, don’t lose them just because of your blogs speed

The Best Practices that Helps speed up your blog could be seen below:

*. 1: Use less widgets

Lots of widgets makes your blog load like almost forever. Even though widgets are good, and makes your blog beautiful, you should only use lite Widgets which doesnt take much time to Load.

*. 2. Use Read More

Blogs without Read More or Post Summary at the homepage takes whole lots of time to load because the whole blog post will be shown at the Home page. Read More is Used to show only a summary of your post on the home page. This in great way helps to Speed up your blog, Increase Pageviews and Decrease Bounce rates.
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*. 3. Use Less Multimedia Files

Multimedia Files such as Videos, Photos takes time to Load up. But these Files helps attract visitors and cant be done without especially in event and entertainment blogs. In most case, you might have a very large number of images to show from a certain event and knowing that this will make your blog load slower, you can upload all your images (from a vacation or event) to a Picasa Web Album and link to the album in your post. This helps speed up your blog.
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*. 4. Less Post count on Homepage

When you display Too many number of posts on Home Page, it decreases your blog speed. The Recommended Number of posts to display on Homepage is 7 or 5. If it exceeds 10 Posts on Homepage, It becomes crazy and takes lotsa time to Load. Having a Less Number of Post also helps increase your Pageviews and decreases your Bounce rate.

*. 5. Remove Pop Up widgets and Ads

These widgets Takes a lot of time to Load up. Not only taking time, it also distracts your visitors. Some users find it irritating and close it, also, close your blog and never visit it again.

*. 6. Resize Images before Uploading

It is good not to upload post Images with their original Size. Resize them either with resiizing tools online or offline, HTML and CSS before Uploading them.