Most Effective Blogging Tips to Ensure More Visibility for Your Blog

There is no need to iterate the importance of blogging. However, you need to ensure creative input in order to trigger interest of the target traffic. Objective is to keep the e-visitors enthralled and engaged on the blog pages for a longer span of time. Contrary to common belief, designing is as important as write-up for your blog. The question is how to create your blog more creative? Read the following to know how you can do that.

Feel the pulse of your target audience:

Decide which audience you want to target. Once you identify the section of the e-readers, it will be easier to develop a plan regarding design and what sort of information you will provide.


To make your blog definitely be a downer. Avoid using flashy images. They consume more bytes and so the blog takes much time to load. Moreover, they reduce readability of the content and the users leave the page immediately. Optimization of graphics is a key to good blog designing and helps even the low broadband users have a quick access to the blog.


Content is most crucial for your blog. Even if it scores high on design front, without informative content, the customers won’t stay on your blog longer. It is not right to play down the ‘look’ factor but even the not-so-pretty blogs drive customers in droves. This is possible because they have powerful content. The virtual users always rush through the pages. Most of them don’t like to go through the write-up even it is interesting. So keeping the content length short raises the chance of their being read by the visitors.

Simple is Elegant:

Simplicity stands tall. The advantage of keeping your blog layout simple is that the users can more concentrate on the writing section.

Stick to Standard Format & Limited Color Pallet:

A show of all possible pallets and word formats is not a good idea for your blog as it will cause visual distraction for the e-readers. Your blog design should have all the makings to retain the visitors and not to repulse the same. Even if you like to innovate through experimentation, restrict your choice only to the standard formatting and contrasting combination of a few colors.

Search Bar:

Make sure that the search bar graces the top of your blog. It should also be within easy reach of the viewers.

Feedback Platform:

An effective blog is a good communicator that can ensure two-way traffic. Your blog is not only meant to provide information but also to gather the same about those making a visit to your blog. You can integrate a form in your blog and make it compulsory for the visitors to fill up the same.

Multi-Browser Compatibility:

Making a blog compatible with different browsers enhances its visibility. Browsing on handsets is a craze nowadays and more people are jumping onto this bandwagon. After you are done with designing section, check if your blog is working on major browsers for desktop as well as mobile devices too.

About The Author

Amitava Deb is a passionate writer and writes for web design company India. Get connected with him @imamideb. He loves to write on Technology, SEO and all about blogging.