Most Powerful Tips To Write a Post titles that Drives Crazy Traffic

There are various ways to drive traffic to one’s blog. But the problem is that we dont really know how to implement these tactics so as to get the traffics coming.. Post titles are very essential in promoting your blog content. The Post title describes everything you want to write about in a short line. Getting a post title is not hard but the question is “How much traffic does your post title drive to your blog?” using these simple tips and implementing them will help drive traffic to your blog.. These tips will tell you how to make an eye catchy Post title for information and traffic.

#1. Make the Post Title short and Informative:

Your post title should be informative, and be able to make anyone know what your content will be all about. Short and informative titles drives traffic to blogs alot. Remember you are gonna share your post on facebook and twitter, also, Twitter allows only 140 character, see how short you can make it. Give space for Retweet and your username. “RT @Username” this shouldnot be more than 15 characters. Your Post Title should not be more than 100 characters and your post link should be nothing more than 20 characters, all together, you have 135 characters for sharing your post on twitter.

#2. Use Keywords for Your Post Title:

When a particular user searches for something on search engines, the search engines uses keywords in the aearch query. If your post title contain the keywords it wont only show up to the users on search engines, it will tell them that this is what they are looking for. Example of Posts titles with keywords that you can use: “How to [KEYWORD] — The Ultimate Guide”, “Difference Between [KEYWORD 1] and [KEYWORD 2] – The Full Comparison”, “The Best [KEYWORD] to go for in [YEAR].

#3. Try Negativity Post Titles:

Try adding some negativity to your post titles. Tell your readers about their inability to do some things. Tell them what they are doing wrong via your post titles. Examples of post titles that potrays negativity are; “Why you cannot [KEYWORD]”, “Why you are not [KEYWORD 1] from [KEYWORD 2]”, “Top Thing you should not do in [KEYWORD].

#4. Try solving problems:

You can solve your readers’ problems from your post titles. If your post solves a particular problem, reflect that in your post Title. In Tip 3, we talked about telling them what they cannot do. Now, tell them how the solution to these problems and limitations. Examples of post titles that solve problems are; “The Most Awkward things you should not do in [KEYWORD]”, “Things You should Avoid In [KEYWORD]” “Most Effective Ways to [DO SOMETHING] In [KEYWORD]”, “How To Get Rid of [KEYWORD]” “Best Ways To Stop [A PROBLEM]

#5. Use Number Headlines:

If your post content contains list of things you are trying to pass out, make it reflect also in your post. In this way, you can solve problems, use negativity also in a post title. Examples of post titles like this are; “10 Biggest Mistake You Should not do in [KEYWORD]”, “5 Ways To [KEYWORD]”, “101 Funny reasons you are not [KEYWORD]” “15 Ways To stop [A PROBLEM]

#6. Make use of Question Headlines:

Asking a Question in your post title is a way to make your readers curious. It also brings room for further discussion in your comment box. More traffic flowing in!! Examples are; “What is the best [KEYWORD] in [YEAR]?”, “Is [KEYWORD] Going to survive in [YEAR]?”, “Is [KEYWORD] Dead?”

#7. Use Comparison between Keywords:

Try to make a comparison between two close keywords. Its a great traffic idea via Post title. But remember, your post title must reflect in your post content. Examples of comparison are; “Difference Between [KEYWORD 1] and [KEYWORD 2]”, “Why [KEYWORD 1] Is Better than [KEYWORD 2] in [YEAR]”, “Why You Should choose [KEYWORD 1] over [KEYWORD 2]

#8. Use Authority and capitalize on fears:

its your blog. Use authority but dont over excercise it.. Capitalizing on fears, Use catchy titles to do this. Let your users know what they should beware of, what they are not getting right. Examples of topics here are; “WARNING: What You should not Do in [KEYWORD]”, “MUST READ: Things you should be doing in [YEAR]”, “The Biggest Scam in [KEYWORD] you should avoid in [YEAR].


Now you have known these, try implementing the tips and see what turn out it will bring. Over To you: What other Idea do you have in regards to this? You can share them here also via the comment box. Pass suggestions, inquiries, query, and speculations as we will be glad to welcome you. Thanks.