ReActivating Etisalat BIS After It’s Blocked For Non BB Devices

Few weeks back, we could browse with the Etisalat BIS on non BB devices,but sooner than we imagined, Etisalat had to block this browsing cheat which has really been of help to especially the Android device users. Well don’t worry, we have discovered a way to re-enable the Etisalat BIS after it must have been blocked by the Etisalat servers detecting that you are not using a Blackberry device. Follow the laid down steps below.

step 1. If you have already subscribed for this plan but the plan you subscribed can’t browse with it after the 15mb get exhausted. Then just get a blackberry phone

step 2. Now proceed by inputing the sim into that bb device.

*. After a while of inserting that sim you will notice that you can’t even ping with the 3gb plan even on that bb phone.

step 3. Now just dial 200 to get a chance of calling the etisalat customer care.

step 4. After the customer care answers you just inform them that the already bb complete package plan that you have subscribed for can not work at that moment or since,just add your’s for them to believe you.

step 5. Just for a while the plan will be re activated again. DO NOT REMOVE THE SIM YET BUT just browse with it for a while in that bb device to communicate to the etisalat customer care that you are using the plan on the bb phone since and it is not working.

step 6. Ensure that it is working before you remove. But do not remove NOW.

step 7. Proceed by re subscribing for the bb10 15mb.

step 8. Now sooner you will recieve a message that your bb10 daily bis is currently active.

step 9. After the reply or message, just REMOVE THE SIM FROM THE BB AND INSERT IT ON YOUR PHONE AGAIN. You are done .

step 10. Just don’t forget to set your apn to and thats all.

That’s all you need to browse for free on your ETISALAT Sim using the Blackberry BIS subscription.