The 5 Basic Components Of SEO You Should Know and Implement

SEO can sometimes take months to get any noticeable results. Nevertheless, there are Basic components of SEO you must know and implement, then wait for their Results. You dont expect to get traffic from search engines without optimizing your blog to search engines, Hence, SEO is Employed..

Below are some Basic Components of SEO which every blog owner that expects search engine traffic should know and implement duely.

#1. Great Content: You must have heard phrases like “Content is King” over and over again. Yes. Content is Really the king when it comes to SEO. Not only having a content, but a great and unique content. But many people seem not to heed to that saying. Pity!!

There are many Same Contents that has been stolen and edited. But google will always say “We Want Fresh Contents”. When you get them fresh contents that hasn’t existed on the internet, search engines will favor you over sites that has numerous of contents that are on many web pages worldwide.

#2. Keyword Research: This is a basic conponent of all types of online marketing that is very important for online publishers and bloggers. Even though Content is the king, if you dont use keywords that people are always interested in, you are really missing. For this reason, Keyword research is employed.

Keyword Research gives you insight on what people on the web are interested in. Moreso, it reveals the actual language people are using when they think about those topics, which provides you with insight on how to converse with them on your blog.

#3. Meta Tags: Meta tags are one piece in a large algorithmic puzzle that major search engines look at when deciding which results are relevant to show users who have typed in a search query. Meta tags help tell search engines and users what your Blog is about, and when meta tags are implemented incorrectly, the negative impact can be substantial and heartbreaking.

Google appreciate it if you put some thought into your meta description, and have relevant copy in thereabout that specific page. So next time you are adding products, categories, or content pages, putsome thought into what goes into that small box. It can potentially drive traffic to your site, or scarethem into going elsewhere.

#4. Backlinks: backlinks also known as Inbound links are links that are directed to your blog from other websites/blogs.

Search engines want websites to have a level playing field, and look for natural links built slowly over time. While it is fairly easy to manipulate links on a web page to try to achieve a higher ranking, it is a lot harder to influence a search engine with external backlinks from other websites. This is also a reason why backlinks factor in so highly into a search engine’s algorithm.

#5. Page Title: One of the most important factors in search engine optimization is the title of the web page. The title of the page is the first SEO element examined by the search engine crawler as it visits your website. The search engine ranking of your web page also depends upon the title of the page.

The title of your page should also include your best keyword or key phrase that is related to the content of the page.