The Fastest and Easiest Way To Get an Adsense account under 48 Hours

Adsense Being one of the best known way most bloggers use in Monetizing their blogs has been Very difficult for some bloggers to get an approved Publisher unlike years Back when people dont get any stress in getting an approved. This is Because Adsense has millions of active publishers and gets thousands of Publisher Request daily. In order to maintain their stand and continue being the best, they have to keep a strict policy so as to keep going!!

Often, Many Publishers complain Of their Account Getting Banned due to reasons above their control while some complain of Poor Earning

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In order not to beat about the bush and waste much of your time, Let me move straight to the Order of the day. Let the Tutorial Begin Now!!

Make Sure you follow this Post step by step and you are on your way to getting an approved adsense account in a matter of 2days or less!! Guaranteed!!

Step 1.
Login to Youtube with your Google account. It is adviceable to create new and fresh account with US as your location.

Step 2.
This Step requires you to enable you youtube account to be Monetized. Goto Youtube Monetization Tab, Click on Monetize Videos. In no time, you will get a mail from adsense with subject “your YouTube account has been enabled for monetization”. That cool… Lets forge ahead!!!

Step 3.
This Step Requires you to Create a Video. But if you cant do that, you can just download already existing videos, Upload them to your youtube account.
Note: Videos Must Not Be Less than 5 and should be related to your Blog Niche. Also, Make sure your videos havegood titles, descriptions and tags before saving them.

Step 4.
Now Enter Youtube Monetization page in Channel Settings. Click “Apply to Adsense” or “Adsense Association”, it will take you to Adsense application page. Fill the form with your correct details. Oonce you might have finished filling the form, You will be redirected to Youtube. Wait for 2-6 hours and.. and… and guess what??? you will have your Adsense account approved.

Step 5 (Bonus).
Your Adsense account has been created and now ready to b used. You can use it on any Of your blogs or website but make sure it complys with Adsense policy or get ready to be Kicked out of Google Adsense Program!! To Put it on any of your blogs or website, it is important you authorize each of your websites.. How can This Be Done??
** Login to your Newly Created Adsense account from
** Click on “Account Settings”
** Locate “Access and Authorization”
** Click on “Sites authorized for Adsense”
** Enter your websites and Save.
Note: You can add your Website in Various Forms Like You might add your site in various forms like ”,,”