The Most Effective Tips To Improve Your Alexa Regional Ranking

Alexa ranks a particular website in two ways. One globally and the other regionally. Alexa Regional Ranking is the rank your blog gets from a particular country. Alexa Regional rank shows the popularity of your blog in your local region/country. You can choose your region/country when registering/claiming you site on alexa and also, you can change it after registration.

Below Tips when put in right plac will help improve your alexa regional rank.

#1. Claim Your Blog:

This is really the firststep to take. Claiming your site/blog at alexa will help boost your ranking. You can Signup a free account and then verify your that you are the owner of the blog.

#2. Register CCTLD:

Registering With your Country Code Top Level Domain (CCTLD) Is also a good way to improve you site’s Regional Rank. If you are a Nigerian Blogger and Have a or .ng domain or an Indian with a .in Domain, It Helps Alot in Improving your Regional Rank.

#3. Post in Forums In your Local Region:

Yes!! Forums in your local regions consists of people about 90% from your region. Posting your articles with links to your blog is a cool way to drive traffic from your region in the aspect of Forum posting in your region. If you are a Nigerian Blogger, Forums Like,, are adviceable.

#4. Comment on Top Blogs in Your Local Region:

Blog commenting has always been a good means of traffic. Commenting on top blogs in your local Region will help drive regional traffic to your blog, thereby increasing your Alexa Regional Rank. Top Nigerian Blogs like,, are adviceable. Remember, Do Not Spam!!!

#5. Write Regional Posts on Your blog:

Writing Posts which have to do with local products and services in your region will help drive regional Traffic to your blog there by increasing your alexa rank. Posts Like Mobile Networks News, Gadget Release in Your Region etc.


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