Unknown Methods of Improving Alexa Rank without Cheating

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The Importance of improving your alexa rank is tha Alexa rank is used by most of the expert webmasters, advertisers, and ad networks as measures to testify the merit of your blogs. This makes you stand a Better chance of hiking your Price during Bargains if you have a good rank.

Some time ago, I made a Post on Four Simple Steps To Improve Your Alexa Rank. I also Posted on The most effective tips to improve your alexa rank. Though these Four steps Works greatly which includes installing alexa widgets, claiming your blog, Installing toolbars and lots more, They are widely Known by almost everybody.

In today’s Post, we are going to be discussing on the Less known Methods. These Methods are only known by few people. You dont need to Cheat in order to Improve your Ranking.

Below are the Unknown Methods which Helps Improve your Alexa Rank.

1. Join Popular Webmasters Forum

We all Know that Alexa ranks websites/blogs mainly from the number of people who visit the websites with Alexa toolbar installed on their browser. Also, More than 80% of Webmasters Have this Alexa toolbar installed on their browser. Joining these forums, Putting your blog url on your signature, Dropping interesting stuffs and Linkback to your blog Helps generate traffic from webmasters who have this toolbars installed on their browser to your Blog. This Helps in Great way to improve your alexa rank.

2. Blog Commenting:

This Method Helps also in improving your Alexa Rank. Blog commenting is the process of commenting Relevantly on Topic of other blog. Precisely Related Niche. It is more adviceable to comment on Popular Tech blogs because most of their audience use This alexa toolbar. Commenting relevantly and linkbacking to your blog helps brings traffic from the audience who have this toolbar installed on their browsers. To your blog.

3. Adding a Webmaster Forum to Blog:

Adding a forum to your blog increases your blog traffic. This cannot be over emphasized. As stated in Method 1, Over 80% of Webmasters have alexa toolbars installed on their browser, Having them to come on your blog forum and interact doesnt only increase your traffic. It also improve your alexa rank.

4. Writing contents which are related to webmasters

This In a great way improves your alexa rank. Webmasters related contents draws the attention of webmasters who as earlier stated have alexa toolbar installed on their browser to your blog.

5. Create a Webmaster tool Section on your blog

This gives way to webmasters to always check on your blog for tools which they want to use. They revisit your blog to have access to those tools. Tools Like alexa rank checker, PR checker, DA checker and Lots more are adviceable.

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