Useful Tips On Choosing A Responsive Domain Name

A Domain name is your web address which gives your business an online identity. It is through your domain name that customers can find you online. One should not rush into choosing a domain name because it helps a great deal in building a successful blog.

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Below Are useful Tips in choosing a responsive domain name for your business or Blog.

1. Keyword Rich Domain:

It is good to make a domain that is rich in keywords because it helps your blog to be ranked high when others search for the keywords that are contained in your domain which means you are likely to drive more traffic from search engines.. For example, you wanna create a website for Health articles, try and find a domain that contains the word “Health” example;, etc.

2. Keep your Domain Name Short:

Short Domain Names are easy to remember. Therefore, for your visitors to always visit your website, you should have a domain name that describes your website contents in a short form so as to guarantee easy remembrance of your visitors and avoid misspellings and errors.

3. Choose a Descriptive Domain Name:

Your domain name should describe the contents of your blog/website in such a way that When someone hears about your domain for the 1st time, they should be likely to guess what your website/blog is all about.

4. Choosing a Domain Name Extension:

This is where most people make mistakes. It is always adviceable to choose a .com domain. In a situation whereby the .com of a domain is already choosen, never go and take other extensions of that domain.

* Country code TLDs: If your website is practically based on a specified country, choosing a country code TLD is always adviceable.
These extensions are named according to worldwide standard two-letter country codes similar to those used by the postal system. Examples of country code TLDs: (Nigeria) (United Kindom) (Australia)
.in (India) etc..

5. Use Of Hyphens:

In Tip 2, I emphasized on using a short domain name but atimes, a long domain name is more descriptive. If you are to use a long domain name, a hyphen is always adviceable. Example, vs

The first one probably has a little more SEO value. Search engines do not care if hyphens are used to separate keywords. They treated them as spaces. Search engine will read them as three distinct words Business , Broker and Alabama.

The Biggest disadvantage of them is easy to forget them and when people recommend your site to their others verbally, having hyphens in your domain name leads to errors. I would suggest avoiding hyphens where possible.

6. Avoid CopyRight Infringement:

Make sure that the domain name you are trying to use does not conflict with any company name that already exists as you may be at risk of lossing it. It hurts more when you’ve invested so much money on your blog/website and then you are being force to give up the domain name.