What secret opportunities of making money are hidden behind blogging?

There are not many secrets on the Internet. If you want proof of that, then ask yourself why you did not just pay $30,000 to see the “secrets” on this article. Here is the cold plain truth the Internet is filled with deceit, misinformation, mistruths and plausible lies. It all boils down to things you know and things you do not know. Here are some ways of making money with blogs. If you did not know about these methods of making money then they were secrets, and if you did, then you should be on your blog right now making some money instead of reading articles online.

Sell links in secret

You are not supposed to solicit links in any way, and Google does not like the idea of you selling them either. But, you can always do it in secret. Contact a few potential customers on social media and ask them if they fancy buying a link from your next blog post. You can contact the people that you half-know on LinkedIN and see if they would like to buy a link or two from your blog.

Buying a link in this manner is safer for them because they know it has not come from a black-hat SEO source, and they know your blog is unlikely to be shut down any time soon.

Blog on behalf of other people

There are a lot of websites out there that will pay you money to write blog posts on your blog for a cash reward. Mostly, they are for reviews of products, but some of them are also requesting positive PR (public relations material) too. Be wary, as some of them will only pay you if you get an unattainable amount of traffic. And, others will just find reasons not to pay you, or will pay you a pittance. So, be careful about how much you sell your credibility for.

Con people by telling them the secret to making money for free

This is a simple little trick. You charge people for access to the secret that makes them money for doing nothing. Once they have paid you tell them to set up a blog and sell the secret to success. Tell them that they have just paid money to hear to secret and that hundreds of other people will too. All they have to do is set up a blog like you did and sell the secret to making money for free. The fact that they paid to see the secret is proof enough that it works.

Do it via the traditional means

Here is a short list of a few of the standard ways that people make money with blogging.

Affiliate advertising

Sign up with an affiliate program and host adverts on your blog. You are paid if people click on your adverts.
Sell your own items
Turn a part of your blog into a mini eCommerce section and sell your items from it.

Link to your eBay auctions

You can create picture and text links to your products on eBay to try and attract a little bit of attention for them.

Sell subscriptions to your email newsletter

Tell people that your blog content is just the taster section and tell them that you really get to the meat of the issue in your newsletter that they have to pay for.

Sell your eBook

Write a quick piece of word fluff and sell it to your unsuspecting public.

Install a donations widget

There is a PayPal widget that allows people to donate a certain amount to your blog. Tell people that you are self-funding your blog and that any contributions help you keep it online for longer.


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