Why You Are Not Getting Even A Single Comment On Your Blog Posts

One way to know how how much people reads your blog posts is via the number of comments you get. More comments shows that your readers are interested and engaged in what you have offered. It looks awkward when you’ve take your time to write an informative post, yet no one seem to comment on it. Sometimes, you get a comment and you are happy and then want to check it out and you discover its a spammy comment.

You are not getting even at least 2-5 Comments on your blog posts because you have not practiced some tips. Even if you have done that, you didnt do it well.

Follow these few tips below and i am sure you will break this ‘No Comment’ Jinx in your blogging Career.

#1. Remove Comment Barriers: Make it easy for your readers to leave a comment on your blog. Both Blogger And WordPress has options to select who can comment on your blog. Some users get pissed on seeing captcha enabled on a blog whenever they want to comment. Even though it is a possible solution to Spammers, comment moderation should be the ultimate solution.

On wordpress, Make it easy for people to comment by only requiring commenters to provide their name and email address which can be done by going to Settings > Discussion Settings > Comment Settings in your wordpress dashboard

On Blogger, Make it Easy for people to comment on your blog by selecting option for anyone (Including Annonymous). This can be done by going to Settings > Post And Comments > Who can comment > Anyone in your blogger dashboard.

#2. Ask For Comment: Hae Dear, Dont be shy or feel too big to ask your readers to drop comment on what they feel about your post. It encourages them to share their ideas, feedbacks and suggestion about your post.

#3. Use CommentLuv Plugin: This Is basically for bloggers on WordPress Blogging Platform. Since commenters gain both Backlink and traffic from this Plugin, they wont hesistate in Dropping Comments on Your blog.

#4. Reply To Comments: Replying to comments will make your readers feel special and believ you are paying attention to their ideas expecially when they asked a question about what they seem not to understand.

#5. Use Comment Reply Notification Plugin: This Plugin Lets Your Readers Who have dropped comment or asked a question via comment on your blog to be notified when you reply their question/comment. How does this Help? Most people wont have the time to come back to see if you have responded to their comment but if you enabled this plugin, once they’ve been notified via email about your response, the will surely comeback to see what your response is.

#6. Comment on Other Blogs: yeah! Commenting on other blogs is also a great and sure way to get comments on your blog too. When you leave an educative comment on other blogs, other readers who love your comment might want to know more about you and if your blog link is attached to the comment you left, they will want to see your own blog which they will surely drop a comment if thry find your articles usefull.

** End Your Post With a Question
** Host Best Comment Contests
** Build Relationship With Other Bloggers in Your Niche
** Do Guest Posts

#Conclusion: Over To You Boss!!! What do you think About this Post?? Do you have further clearifications? Feedbacks? Suggestions? Or Inquiry? Why Not Use The comment Box To Communicate With Us? We will be Happy If you Do.