Why you should not depend solely on SEO for your blog traffic

This is a guest post compiled byChinonso Anyikwa for The eTech Journal

It’s my pleasure getting my first guest post published on etechvilla. As the day passes by, the wise bloggers make few changes in their strategy of blogging. Steering at my topic, you might be wandering why I rejected the dependence on SEO for traffic to bloggers.

Straight to my piont, talking of SEO, we bloggers in the blog-o-sphere do know that SEO is commonly known as search engine optimization, that is, optimization of our blogs to search engines or rather, keeping it visible for easy web crawling by search engines.

Truly, as we know that optimization makes our content visible search engines which helps in the bringing in of traffics to our various blogs, but many bloggers have sorely depended on search engines for traffics. The daily dependence to search engines for traffics has caused so much frustration to bloggers, especially when they notice that there is a decreament in their daily traffics.

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Recently, google introduced a human-like bot as they call it., which is known as “Humming-Bird”, and since the lauch of that bot or let me it’s a web-crawler, it has really changed the level of seo these days. Many of these sites depended almost 95% on Google traffic to get their visitors and ultimately their advertisers. When Google updates their algorithms, which is fairly done often, you are at risk of losing your business.

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As good as Google can be for a business, it can also be very dangerous most times. Many bloggers have already learned this lesson the hard way.

Whenever the Penguin and Panda or let me say their latest hummingbird updates hit, those depending solely on Google for traffic see their business or sites fall apart, at least the ones using poor SEO strategies.

Google is known for shaking things up with their algorithm doing anyhow and you need to protect yourself from a drop in Google traffic.

If you depend on Google for all or most of your traffic, what happens to your blog’s traffic rate if Google goes away or changes the way they rank websites? Do you have any other traffic reliable source? Do you have a back up?

A comment by Mr Jide of ogbongeblog.com in eTech Journal’s Stroll With Nosa E. Nosa – “With the hundreds of blogs seen created everyday and google doing anyhow they like with their algorithm, it no longer sense relying only on SEO for traffics”.

Taking a brief taught of his statement, you would notice that actually, the data mining or rather algorithm of search engines are really performing poor, so it would be bad for you as a blogger to depend on SEO for traffics. Google is not your friend or patner, perharps, if you grow big enough, google is likely to become your competitor.


Hope you got my message, though it’s a very brief one, but it’s just an advice for bloggers who solely depends on SEO for traffic. If you are traffic haunting, then the social networks and advertising firms, solo advertisements and many firms are there for you for traffic. I would like to hear from you as a fellow pro-blogger.

This post was written and compiled by Chinonso Anyikwa.
Anyikwa chinonso is a passionate blogger who writes about blogging tips and tutorials at Guruswizard.com. Also, He loves everything concerning technology. He finds passion in blogging and loves anything electronics. He knows one fact, that we all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.