How To Change Album Art/Covers On Mp3 Songs Using Android Devices

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Hello, its been a while since I made such a handy How-To for our ardent readers and subscribers. Well, I’ll be teaching you all via a simple tutorial today - How To Change Album Art/Covers On Mp3 Songs using your Android device. Disclaimer:  This tutorial does not in any form support/encourage edit or

WordPress 4.0 Beta 4 Released With Lots of Improvements

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WordPress mad it know to their followers on twitter this morning that the fourth and likely final beta for WordPress 4.0 is now available with more than 250 changes in the past month which include Further improvements to the editor scrolling experience, especially when it comes to the second column of

Lenovo S930 Specs, Features & Price Review

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The Lenovo S930 is quite an interesting Phablet that runs a 1.3GHz quad-core processor on a 6 inch display. This phablet boasts a 3000mAh battery capacity which powers it’s stock 4.2.2 Android OS. Here is what the Lenovo S930 looks like. Checkout the full specification of the Lenovo S930 smartphone

How To Install/Use/Setup Whatsapp Messenger On Windows Pc/Mac

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If you are as busy as I’ve been lately, you’ll definitely have no time for your mobile phone. For the fact that I’m always on my PC doing a job or blogging, I find it more convenient making use of my chat messenger from my Notebook. In this handy guide,

All Google Play Store App Errors & How To Get Them Fixed

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As at time of this post, when you talk mobile, you must firstly talk of the Android OS. With the rise in lovers and fans for the OS, especially the latest Kitkat, I decided to make a comprehensive guide that would proffer solutions to various errors you might encounter while

No USB Mass Storage Mode Support on Android? Here’s a FIX

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Few days back, I decided to try out a couple of Custom ROMs for my HTC One S and I actually did settle for the TwistedKat 2.6 (a wonderful customization of the Android 4.2.2 Kitkat OS), but there was a problem that almost drove me nuts. I couldn’t access the

How To Add/Remove Author or Move Blogger Blogs To Another Account

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This is just a quick tip on how you can easily add or remove an Author (Admins inclusive) to your blogger blog. You can also use this same technique in transferring a blogger blog to a different Google account in terms of sales. 1. Sign in to Blogger account containing

4 Reasons Why You Must Use a Contact Form and Not Email Links

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As a business owner, you definitely would want your prospective customers to gather as much information as they want regarding your product and in fact land fresh deals, and that’s the reason you created a contact us page. Now from experience, I’ve noticed that lot’s of webmasters and bloggers keep wondering

18 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Mark Zuckerberg

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Unless you are coming from Mars, you must have heard or even created a Facebook account to socialize with friends and family. We all owe this to a young billionaire/entrepreneur who is currently the CEO of Facebook Inc, Mark Zuckerburg. Source: Wikipedia Here are some interesting yet little known facts

7 Simple Tips That Will Take Your Blog To The Next Level

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The ultimate dream of every blogger is to own an internationally recognized blog with huge amount of visitors, backlinks, blog friends and more pointing back at their blogs. Though it requires efforts and hardwork to achieve such, it isn’t rocket science either. In this post, I’ll quickly outline the top 7