The Infinix Note 2 x600 Launches Tomorrow

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If you’ve been a keen reader down here and more-so in touch with African tech, you definitely must have heard or read an article about the Infinix Note 2 phablet. It’s a 6″ HD display smartphone that would feature a 13MP rear camera, 4000mAh battery life, 1.5/2GB RAM, 16 ROM

Konga Showcase: All Ready for a Memorable 2015 Yakata Sale [Press Release]

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The 2015 edition of’s highly anticipated annual sale, Yakata is just around the corner. Yakata is konga’s version of the global Black Friday sales; only it’s even better. This year, konga promises that the Yakata sales will feature mind blowing discounts across ALL product categories on the konga platform.

Innjoo Max 2 Plus – Specs, Review & Price In Nigeria

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This is yet another amazing affordable android phablet announced alongside the Innjoo Max 2. The Innjoo Max 2 plus is infact an uplift to the former and features slightly different specs from the normal Max 2. Just like the Max 2, the plus version features a 13MP/8MP rear and front

Innjoo Max 2 – Specs, Review & Price In Nigeria

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The competition is getting stronger and OEMs are beginning to give the smartphone users value for their money. Innjoo this time decided to announce a new device, though yet to be launched with awesome features and specification to the African market named the Innjoo Max 2. It’s obviously a successor

The Infinix Big 6 (Hot Note 2 – x600) – All We Know!

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Infinix Mobility no doubt remains a household name in Africa as long as affordable and yet quality android devices are concerned. They’ve brought to us several devices that solved the basic smartphone needs of the Nigerian techy’s populace and even went into a partnership recently that brought us the jaw

5 Amazing Tech Inventions You Never Knew About #1

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Technology has obviously given the human race a bunch of inventions that have of course made our lives easier ranging from the Airplanes, smartphones, computing and lots more, but do you know that there are series of insanely cool inventions you probably don’t know about? The video below is part

7 Things Apple Never Invented! Not Even The Tablet!

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Apple, generally regarded as the world’s most valuable brand as at time of this post, brought us the iPad tablet, the iPhone, iPod, the Mac and lots more. But contrary to popular belief that most of these devices were their inventions, it could be said that Apple only re-invented them.

Master Sync Has Been Disabled: Here’s a Quick Fix on S4, S5 & S6

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Have you ever tried Synchronizing  your mail account from the stock Email app on the Samsung Galaxy S4, S5 or S6 smartphone and ended up with an annoying notification that read “Master Sync Has Been Disabled”? Here’s a quick fix in the video below if you keep wondering “How Do

How To Link BVN Details To GTB Account Using ATM

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GTBank being one of my favorite banks and definitely the pacesetters in Nigerian online banking keep innovating concepts that wows us all. This time, the financial giant decided to make it even easier to link your BVN details registered from another bank to your GT Bank account by simply using

How To Choose The Right Charger For Your Gadgets

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You’ve at one time or the other been in a situation where you forgot you device’s (tablet, smartphone, wearable tech, laptop…) charger at home miles away, probably frustrated, you walk up to an electronic outlet and grab a cheap charger that fits into your device’s port not considering the ratings