About Oscarmini

Oscarmini is a leading technology and computer online publication established in 2010. We cover topics ranging from computers, internet security, product reviews, programming to mention but a few. Our topics are well researched and written by seasoned writers who are well grounded in what they do and that’s the reason we have tons of active monthly readers.

Meet The Team

Oscar Frank

Team Lead | Executive Editor

Yet another regular dude out there who founded this blog sometime in 2010 out of his passion for computers and writing code. As a way to teach myself code, I started series of websites 2 years prior which eventually led to Oscarmini. Ever since, sharing what I've learnt in tech has been the passion and garnering like minded individuals to push the course has always been the way forward. My life is pretty simple. Wake, Eat, Produce Content (could be code, articles, videos), Repeat. Pretty simple, right?

Alexis Dauda

Senior Editor

In the midst of fast developing technology, I have set it upon myself to deliver to you adequate news on the latest technological trend and tutorials on how to use the latest technological facilities. Currently pursuing a first degree in physics at University of Benin.

Samuel Jackson

Phone Reviews

For the love of Gadgets, Samuel has been goofing with smartphones long enough to find his way around them. He now shares with the world things to look out for when choosing that next smartphone.

David Folami

Staff Writer

I'm Folami David. From Ogun state. I'm 24 years old. A student. Massive lover of sport and technology. Hobbies are writing, playing video games and singing.

Remax Ngere


A highly obsessed gamer who loves to share tips and tricks on everything game related. Be it Xbox, Play Stations, PC Gaming, Nintendo and other related Gaming consoles.

Sam Adeyinka

Staff Writer

A seasoned blogger who makes is entire monthly income from blogging and sharing things he knows online and around the world.