How to Get 100GB on Airtel for free

I was surfing a group yesterday on facebook when I discovered that this trick had gone viral and is confirmed to be working at the time of post. This latest free browsing trick code can get you up to 100GB data bundle on the Airtel network.

Airtel free Giga Byte Bundle for 100GB

Here is how to Get up to 100GB on Airtel

This trick works for those who subscribe for the Airtel Blackberry 1GB monthly, if you do not know about it, you can read:- Airtel 1GB monthly bundle for N1200

  1. Once you have echausted the 1200 Airtel data MB, load Airtel #1200 voucher on your phone and text the following.
  2. BSM and send to 440.
  3. You will receive a text message that request was not successful. Ignore the sms and check your data balance and you will discover that 1GB has already being credited to you.
  4. Repeat the same step again and again until you have gotten as many GB you want.

And that’s it. You’ve credited yourself with up to 100GB data bundle on Airtel. Hope you enjoyed this latest working free browsing airtel cheat trick.


  1. Henry says

    Just want to know if the #1200 will be deducted,…? And what if you are already done the 3month subcribtion on your blackberry? Like I have done and I need it? Reply……

  2. says

    It works jus like a magic but i was only credited with 4GB at first i didnt mind cos 4GB was more than wut i cld have asked with jus N1200 …..but rite now i don exhaust my 4GB and i want more jus like OLIVER TWIST ……but my question is wut went wrong dat i didnt get 100GB ….secondly is it too late to get my 100GB or do i have to load another N1200 and start the whole process all over again …if YES …..pls tell wut cld have be the cos of my not geting my full 100GB cos i send as many times as possible ….pls tell cos i need dat 100GB badly

  3. kawusu koroma says

    i use to do the socialmonth and it was working perfectly well here in sierra leone but since airtel discovered it. It has been stopped. The process would go through when u subscribe bt up attempting to connect it wil connect but wont browse even if u top up that sim it wont browse. So pls help if there is any solution or if there is any new one. Pls let me know. Thanks

  4. Philip says

    How can i use free internet on my airtel sim? AM in sierra leone and it costs a fortune to use the internet

  5. zoe says

    Pls I noticed my BSM bundle I subscribed for, using airtel doesn’t work in the evening and night time but it works during the day. ??ã†?? could be d problem?

  6. adams sesay says

    please help me out with a recharg trick for airtel in sierra leone. I want it so bad. Friends have one but dont want to share

  7. Emmanuel Stevens says

    Hi Oscar Frank, I have a T…Mobile HTC 1.5 version, am using airtel sim on it, but I live in Sierra Leone and I need free browsing configuration settings. Or free megabyte browsing cheats for airtel Sierra Leone.

  8. Barry says

    Hi Frank! It’s been a gud job so far; more power to ur elbow bro.. What’s up on android now?? I don’t mind the network it’s available on

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