How to Get 100GB on Airtel for free

I was surfing a group yesterday on facebook when I discovered that this trick had gone viral and is confirmed to be working at the time of post. This latest free browsing trick code can get you up to 100GB data bundle on the Airtel network.

Airtel free Giga Byte Bundle for 100GB

Here is how to Get up to 100GB on Airtel

This trick works for those who subscribe for the Airtel Blackberry 1GB monthly, if you do not know about it, you can read:- Airtel 1GB monthly bundle for N1200

  1. Once you have echausted the 1200 Airtel data MB, load Airtel #1200 voucher on your phone and text the following.
  2. BSM and send to 440.
  3. You will receive a text message that request was not successful. Ignore the sms and check your data balance and you will discover that 1GB has already being credited to you.
  4. Repeat the same step again and again until you have gotten as many GB you want.

And that’s it. You’ve credited yourself with up to 100GB data bundle on Airtel. Hope you enjoyed this latest working free browsing airtel cheat trick.

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