All Networks Blackberry Data Plans and Subscription Codes In Nigeria

I recently made a guide on all the internet data bundle plans for all networks in Nigeria and this has come to be one of the best guides out there when it comes to choosing a data plan for your Android, Symbian or windows smartphones.

This has ignited the blackberry users who are avid readers of my blog to mail me severally concerning their complete list of blackberry bundle data plans and their subscription codes.

complete list of all network blackberry data plans

In this guide, I’ll be listing out all Blackberry Subscription codes available to Nigerians on all their major Internet Service Providers, which are Mtn, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat.

Not only will I give their subscription codes, but also the price for subscriptions and how to check your data balance or expiry status. Hope you’ll find this guide helpful.

As usual, I’ll be starting with MTN

All Blackberry Data Bundle Plans for MTN Nigeria and their Subscription Codes

Mtn Blackberry Internet Services Validity Period Price USSD Code SMS Code
Mtn Complete Daily 1 Days  N100  SMS “BBCday” to 21600
Mtn Complete Weekly 7 Days  N500  SMS “BBCweek” to 21600
Mtn Complete Monthly 30 Days  N1,000  SMS “BBC” to 21600
Mtn Unlimited Daily 1 Day  N120  SMS “BBday” to 21600
Mtn Unlimited Weekly 7 Days N600  SMS “BBweek” to 21600
Mtn Unlimited Monthly 30 Days N1,500  SMS “BIS” to 21600

You can now choose which MTN Blackberry Plan suits your need. Here is how to check the status of your MTN Blackberry plan.

Text “Status” in an SMS to “21600“. Your Blackberry plan expiry date would be revealed to you.

All Blackberry Data Bundle Plans for Airtel Nigeria and their Subscription Codes

Airtel Blackberry Internet Services Validity Period Price USSD Code SMS Code
Airtel Social Daily 1 Days  N100  *440*6#
Airtel Social Weekly 7 Days  N400  *440*5#
Airtel Social Monthly 30 Days  N1,200  *440*4#
Airtel Complete Daily 1 Day  N100  *440*3#
Airtel Complete Weekly 7 Days N400  *440*2#
Airtel Complete Monthly 30 Days N1,400  *440*1#

These plans are valid for the Airtel Network as at time of post. To Check the Expiry Status of your Airtel Blackberry Subscription,  SMS “Status” to 440.

All Blackberry Data Bundle Plans for Glo Nigeria and their Subscription Codes

Glo Blackberry Internet Services Validity Period Price USSD Code SMS Code
Glo BIS Daily 1 Days  N300 SMS “BISday” to 777
Glo BIS Weekly 7 Days  N900 SMS “BISweek” to 777
Glo BIS Monthly 30 Days  N2,800 SMS “BISmonth” to 777
Glo Complete Weekly 7 Days  N400 SMS “Coweek” to 777
Glo Complete Monthly 30 Days  N1,400 SMS “Comonth” to 777

Above is the complete list of all blackberry plans for your Glo line. How to check your blackberry plan expiry date on glo is quite simple. Simply SMS “status” to “777” and that’s it.


All Blackberry Data Bundle Plans for Etisalat Nigeria and their Subscription Codes

Etisalat Blackberry Internet Services Validity Period Price USSD Code SMS Code
Etisalat Social Daily 1 Day  N100  *499*2*2#
Etisalat Social Weekly 7 Days  N400  *499*2*1#
Etisalat Social Monthly 30 Days  N1,300  *499*2#
Etisalat Complete Daily 1 Day  N100  *499*3*2#
Etisalat Complete Weekly 7 Days  N500  *499*3*1#
Etisalat Complete Monthly 30 Days  N,1500  *499*3#

And that’s the complete list of blackberry plans for the etisalat network above. To Check your blackberry bundle expiry date on Etisalat, dial *228# and it would be displayed to you.

This really took a bunch of my time to compile and I would be grateful if you hit the Like button or share it with your friends and family just to say thank you.

I hope this helps you choose a blackberry plan down here in Nigeria that will suite you need. Stay blessed


    • says

      Hi Uduak, The Blackberry subscriptions don’t work on other smartphones such as the Android OS, thought their are some tweaks to it such as installing an running a VPN app.

  1. says

    Thanks for this awesome compilation of all the BIS on all networks in Nigeria. Im bookmarking this page straightaway as this would surely save me the stress of moving from one site to another in search of subscription codes. Cheers!

  2. Sam says

    Thanks so much for dis compilations. may the lord bless and prosper you in all you lay you hand upon in Jesus name. Pls kindly teach me on how to make money online.

  3. okey says

    Good information but, I think it will also be helpful to enlighten consumers (Post Paid) inclusive, on the Data Plans on all networks and also the Data Package for all plans I.e How much GB Data do you get for a N1000 Package? Does it matter what phone you use? Samsung S4, Iphone 5, Tecno 310?

  4. Badmus Nafisat Eniola says

    Waoooo!what a gr8 work u have done.As u have helpd me today,God will always meet u at your point of needs Amen.This is so helpful I must confess

  5. Miz Cole says

    Hi Oscar..just wanna confirm maybe its gonna work on laptop if u subscrib on ur sim card and u put it inside ur moderm??

  6. paul says

    hello frank, I was on mtn bis complete month before my bb got spoilt, and I want to cancel it and reactivate the night plan so that I can use it on my android tab, I av called their customer care to no avail and am so not feeling good about it because I can’t browse. pls what can I do. how can I cancel it and go for another plan. waiting for your response.

    • says

      Hi Paul, You can’t actually Deactivate the MTN BIS plan as at time of this comment been posted. I’ve contacted their customer center for that previously, and they said they’ll be adding that soon. You’ll have to wait till your expiry date. BTW, have you tried subscribing any other MTN plan?

      • paul says

        am going to subscribe today. I hope it works. it seems I have cancelled it after sending deactivate, cancel, no and lots of DAT to 21600. so I will subscribe today.

  7. faithobama says

    wat do they mean by Etisalat Complete Monthly plan? is it unlimited, and can I download things with it? pls reply

  8. iyke says

    pls frank can airtel bb data plan work on my tecno f7 and on my zpad tablet? If it can pls send me the code via my g.mail address. Thanks

  9. prince Emmett says

    Thanks man, which of these subscription can I use to watch or download YouTube full videos, I have an Mtn and Airtel sim, tnx

  10. Prince-Michael Sagada says

    Hello Oscar, can the mtn unlimited monthly work on my tecno m3? And is the mtn unlimited monthly really unlimited? God bless you.

  11. Thomas says

    Hi Oscar, Pls how can I get affordable price data for android phone that can last for month And which network is d best.

    • says

      Hi Thomas, All networks in Nigeria are most times location dependent, so talking about which is best is quite difficult. BTW, here are some cheap plans you might want to try out on your android device. Cheap Data Plans For Android.

  12. chris says

    Hi Oscar, thanks for ur enlightenment. I just bought BB Q10 and subscribe with airtel monthly complete. It barely work for 4 days. Though I use it to watch youtube.I can’t even check my mails now. what should I do?

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