• Borrow/Get Airtime Loan From All Nigerian Network Providers

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    When it comes to Nigerian service providers, you no longer have to be scared of running out of call credit or airtime as you can easily borrow or loan airtime from various Nigerian service providers such as MTN, Airtel and Glo with an option to pay back later when you recharge.

    borrow airtime from networks in nigeria

    This comes in handy in situations where you find yourself in an area without recharge centers and urgently need to recharge credits to your phone for calls.

    In this post, I’ll guide you through the various procedures and requirements to be able to borrow airtime from the said service providers in Nigeria.

    How To Get Airtime Loan From Airtel

    Airtel is the first service provider to implement this package in Nigeria in 2013 under package nicknamed Airtel Talktime. This allows customers to top up their credits or airtime without having to use recharge cards but only as a loan to pay later. Below are the requirements before you can be able to borrow airtime on your Airtel line.

    Airtime Amount Min. SIM Age
    Min. no. of monthly recharges
    Min. Monthly Amount Usage
    N50 3 Months 5 N250
    N100 4 Months 5 N250
    N200 6 months 5 N1000
    N500 6 Months 5 N2500

    Now you’ve known the requirements to borrow airtime on the Airtel line, here is the procedure involved.

    OR use the following codes below to choose any one of the airtime loans on airtel.

    Note: These codes will only work if your are eligible for the package.

    How To Borrow Airtime (Credit) From MTN

    In line with the Airtel Talktime, MTN introduced the MTN Xtratime plan for eligible customers. With this package you can easily loan call airtime from MTN and pay later. For now, the only know eligibility criteria is been a prepaid customer having between N0 – N12 airtime.

    Other criteria are not yet spelt out such as the number of months of usage or monthly recharge minimum.

    To Check your loaning eligibility on MTN, perform transactions (i.e to borrow the airtime on MTN), simply dial *606#.

    Note: MTN deducts a 10% fee for whatever amount you borrow. Meaning that if you loan N100 airtime, you’ll be given N90 and you’ll have to pay back later N100 when you recharge. This is actually a downside anyway.

    How To Borrow Airtime From Glo

    It’s quite simple to get an airtime loan from Glo tel-network provider in Nigeria. All you need do is follow the below laid down procedures.

    That’s how you can easily loan airtime freely using the Glo SIM network.

    Note: You will be charged 5% of every transaction you make unlike MTN which goes for 10%.

    How To Get Airtime Loan From Etisalat

    As at time of this post, the Etisalat network has not introduced this feature for their customers. We would definitely update this article whenever such is added.

    UPDATE 17/05/2014: One of our avid reader notified us of Etisalat’s entry into the credit loaning service and here is how to get it done on Etisalat.

    To check your Loan Status, send DEBT in an sms to 665

    While to borrow, dial *665*Amount# . For instance, *665*100# to loan N100, *665*200# to loan N200 and *665*500# to loan N500. Thanks to Samex for the update.

    Feel free to leave your opinions, other working methods or recent news you know about borrowing airtime from MTN, GLo, Etisalat and Airtel using the comment box below.

    If you encounter any issues using any of this services, please do not fail to let us know. Cheers!

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  • joshua jimba says:

    I will like to join u

  • Larry Frank says:

    Nice move by nija networks, though many people will borrow and not pay back, thats 9ja for you.

    • The conditions for borrowing are stringent enough to guarantee less bad debts. The idea of minimum SIM age, minimum amount spent a month and maximum amount lent out all point to very intelligent measures to ensure less hitches.

      Though, I appreciate, this is Nigeria!


  • HOM ben says:

    The idea of minimum usage is the most confining requirements that is difficult to overcome,using #500 five times per month to borrow #500 with SIM age of 6 months is outrageous ,insensitive and unconcern to users welfare.

  • Well well well, this is atleast a great move for all the networks in 9ja…. This is very Helpful.. Thumbs Up Oscar!

  • Oteh ude emmanuel says:

    Its rili 9ice meetin u n xpet 2 get more 4rm u,kip postin current updates

  • kazeem says:

    nice upgrade .. naija try

  • Thomas says:

    This is nice. You made it look and follow it really easily . Thanks alot :)
    Nice update and upgrade

  • hey thanks for this post. i have tried several tutorials relating to this topic, i think i have to try this and reply back my failure and success if any. simple way to root any android phone without pc.

  • I really need to borrow Etisalat credit. I just hope that they start offering the same service too. Thanks for sharing bro.

  • samex4rill says:

    etisalat has introduced airtime loan follow below

    Dial *665*100# to loan N100, *665*200# to loan N200 and *665*500# to loan N500. To get your debt status, text DEBT to 665

  • so you guy is trying to say that Etisalat is not amoung?

  • Kunle says:

    I also know of one system called “Impact Network” where you can recharge online and get discounts. You can also setup affiliates under you and make passive income on their activities. Its a win-win because your affiliates also earn discounts and commissions. The amazing part is that signing up is free. You can call me on 07038449120 for more information

  • Stanley says:

    it’s a welcome development.

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