The latest iOS 8 is getting closer of the day to hit the shelves. However, the speculation is in no way going to stop. One after the other interesting features are coming up front and making us more anxious regarding it. You must have gone through the concurrent addition that will notify the user regarding the last known destination prior it gets lost and its battery goes down. Apart from this, the health app has also made a lot of buzz among the fans.

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Anyway, we have come up with another fanstastic feature after the latest beta hits the iOS8. This is really user-friendly, informative and a fine recommendation for the business personalities. However, the best part we like about the spec as it is pretty much time saving and multitasking. Go through the details given below regarding its various functionalities.
The Beta 5 brings Infos from Maps to application’s Racent Tab:
The latest beta brings out a fantastic feature that is pretty helpful. When someone makes contact for any purpose from the Maps app, the information gets transmitted to the Phone Recents tab in the iPhone’s phone application.
Making it’s presence as the latest Ios 8beta 5, and consequently marked by an AppleInsider reader, the contact data transfer feature seems to be restricted within the calls appearing from the Maps application. As the Maps search outcomes are there with Ios8’s highlighted part, anyway, the function is handy from any place in iOS.
How to go through it:
The application can be useful for anyone in finding a destination of interest in the city. Especially, this can be handy for the newcomers those can take help of it to find out the hotels, restaurants, or any service centers nearby. You simply have to provide the interest of your search and the tool presents you with relevant link to the handset regarding address, numbers, etc.
The Usefulness of the app:The application is certainly useful for those who love to gather information regarding the restaurants, bars, cinema halls, etc. Suppose you make a plan to visit a theatre. You can have the information regarding the suitable destinations nearby to have your dinner, the perfect transportation detail to leave the place, etc. In addition, you can save the complete information for any kind of future use.
However, the feature is apparently limited within Maps. It has been tested with other options like Siri, but they have turned out to be displaying negative outcome.
Latest Feature Update about Ios8:Apple is going to put the wraps off the Ios8 very soon with the upcoming “iPhone 6”. The Apple’s next device is in all news for its interesting specs those include 2.0 GHz processor, 8.02.11ac Wi-Fi, and maximum possibilities hold it to be having the NFC functionality as well. The call feature through Wi-Fi has also made a lot of buzz among the users prior the Ios8 hitting the shelves. Through the Wi-Fi call we mentioned above, a user can make contact through calls upon being connected with a Wi-Fi network. The device is speculated to be coming with two size variants in terms of display.

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