In this article, we are going to be looking at 10 apps for vegans and vegetarians. These apps help vegans and vegetarians survive in a noncollaborative world. These apps feature recipes that will help vegans and vegetarians prepare good meals without meat, and these apps also feature list of restaurants where vegans and vegetarians can eat good vegan meals, as well as other vegan and vegetarian supportive tools. The list of apps is as follows:

1. Gonutts- vegan Translator


Gonutts app provides healthy alternatives for unhealthy foods, offers recipes for healthy vegan food, alongside their ingredients and products. Gonutts has a unique feature that lets you identify and learn about raw vegan ingredients, and it features an egg calculator that helps you measure out replacements ingredients for egg and also a protein calculator that enables you to measure out ingredients with the same amount of protein as non-vegan food. Gonutts is a free app that is available on iOS and Andriod platform for free.

2. Vegan Amino

vegan Amino

vegan amino app provides cooking tips, a wide range of vegan foods to choose from, and it offers a community where vegans all over the world can interact, it lets you see what foods others have made, converses about cooking tips, provides a question and answer area where vegans can ask lifestyle-related questions.  Vegan amino is available on both iOS and Andriod platform.

3. Green kitchen

green kitchen

Green kitchen app provides 150 vegetarian recipes, for a premium price of $40. The recipes feature pictorial representation, estimated cooking time and a built-in timer, to make cooking a lot easier.

Green kitchen has a feature that allows you to easily create a shopping list after you have chosen a recipe.

4.Vegan Recipe Club

vegans receipe club

Vegan recipe club app offers vegan recipes in its library, recipes are added weekly. This app can sort recipes by dietary need, meal course, holidays and guest chef name. Recipes provided in this app are available from beginner to gournment. It has a feature that keeps the screen on while cooking.

5. Happy Cow

happy cow

Happy cow app, helps vegans and vegetarians keep to their discipline, it helps vegans and vegetarians avoid eating meat even when you’re not eating at home.

This app allows you to search for vegan collaborative restaurants closest to you, and it helps you filter by the type of plant-based diet you prefer, you can also save your favorite restaurant locations, for easy reach later.

6. Protein Tracking

protein tracking


Protein tracking app allows vegans to keep track of the protein they are consuming. It provides a recipe of vegans food you can eat to boost protein and also offers a wide range of fitness tips to help you keep fit and be in top shape.

7. Vanilla Bean

vannila wall

Vanilla Bean is an advanced app that takes care of the nutrition needs of vegans and vegetarians. The first screen is a search engine that allows you to search for a wide range of restaurants. Search results include photos of the restaurant and its food in many of the listings. It features Filters for criteria like fair-trade, raw food offers, and more. Vanilla bean is a free app, available on iOS and Android.

8. MealLime


Meallime is an app that not only features recipes but has features that help vegans and vegetarians in shopping for ingredients used to prepare green foods.  Meallime enables you to personalize your meal option, choose what style of plant-based diet you follow, it features well written and detailed recipes to choose from, hundreds of meal choices. Ingredients are immediately added to a grocery shopping list after a recipe has been selected.

9. Hebbars Kitchen

hebbars kitchen

Hebbars is another highly recommended app that helps vegans and vegetarians to prepare good meals without meat. Hebbars Kitchen app has hundreds of Indian vegetarian recipes. It features recipes with simple descriptions, lets you save and organize and save recipes. Hebbars kitchen is a free app, available on Android and iOS platform.

10. Darwin Challenge

Darwin challenge tallies how much you are doing for the Earth and those who live on it when you avoid eating meat. No matter the plan you are on, Whether you have resolved to not eating meat one day a week or full-time, you can chart the impact on fellow humans, animals, the environment, your savings, and your health.

Hope you find this article on 10 apps for vegans and vegetarians, extremely useful to your quest of maintaining a healthy vegan and vegetarian life. As earlier mentioned, these apps will help you find restaurants that are vegan collaborative and also provide recipes for vegan foods. Most of the apps listed here work on both iOS and Andriod, while others do not.


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