The fact that you are currently reading this article, is a pointer that you have made up your mind, that you are gonna have that potential memorable sexual encounter with that fellow. One Nightstand is an idiom used to describe the kind of sex you have once with someone, without any strings attached. How well you deliver this one Nightstand tells a lot about your sexual capabilities. In this article, we explore a list of apps to help you seal a one Nightstand. Apps featured here to provide tips to making that sexual encounter a memorable one. These apps are listed as follow:

1. Pure

apps to help you seal a one night stand.This app is straight to the point. The objective here is to deliver sex by connecting you with responsive individuals who are also users of the same application. The UI is very straightforward. You simply have to go for your preferred sex activity, be specific if you want to host a meeting or head to a particular location and choose a mutual match. The amazing part is, if you cannot find a sex date, Pure gets rid of all your personal data in 30 minutes.

2. Tinder

apps to help you seal a one night stand.

If you are not a Tinder user, then you are definitely missing. It is not just the dopest matchmaking application but it can also be a proper hook-up platform on your smartphone.

Tinder will simply choose singles by selecting favorites via a smooth UI based on easy clicks and swiping. With more than ten million users, you will definitely find someone.

3. 69 Positions

Apps To Help You Seal A One Night StandIf your relationship sucks at the moment, it might be because you are weak in bed. With this app, you can learn several new tips that will definitely impress her. You will be able to select from 113 offbeat and innovative tips to enhance your lovemaking talents.

4. MedXCom for Patients

Apps To Help You Seal A One Night Stand

The main challenge when having sex with a stranger is the fear of whether the person is carrying an STD. And as we know, once the person is tested and free of any kind of disease, sex can happen.

This is why MedXCom allows users to exchange their STD and health history information with a possible partner by tapping their mobile devices together.

5. The Girlfriend Helper

apps to help you seal a one night stand.Girlfriend can be frustrating. They can hold on to your mistakes and errors and then make life unbearable for you. So if you slipped up recently and your woman is not letting go, this app is for you. It will assist you by saving vital dates and offering foolproof SMSes to send to her when you want to say sorry. And from there, makeup sex.

6. Tingle

Apps To Help You Seal A One Night Stand

Several dating and sex applications are filled with ladies. This app is very popular for its huge female-to-male ratio. Tingle locates compatible singles closeby and will even provide voice chat without revealing your phone number. So if your toasting game is apt, prove it.

7. Mixologist

Girls adore guys that know their drinks. And there is nothing more beautiful than being her personal bartender.

As you know, a few drinks will definitely open doors, and this app provides custom drink recipes to allow you dazzle her with your charm and on the bed.

8. How About We

Image result for How About We app

Things are straightforward here. Simply share your idea of a one night stand and you might just find someone who is ready to make that idea a reality with you.

9. Blendr

Image result for Blendr app

It makes use of several stuff from a user’s Facebook account. Like his or her interests, pictures and so on. And then it will search for those that have identical interests that are also signed onto Blender.

10. Wingman

Apps To Help You Seal A One Night Stand

Do you want to have sex on a flight? Everyone wants to. Seen as the Tinder of airline travel, this app can make your dream come true by finding other sexually aroused passengers on the flight you are on. You only need a Wi-Fi connection plus a good location on the plane to drive her crazy.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best apps to help you seal a one Nightstand. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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