MTN Glo Airtel Etisalat Free Browsing Cheat/Trick (Android & PC) 2017

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This post is divided into sections of MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat. Click on any of the links to get to the section.

MTN Free Browsing Tweaks for PC and Android


====Update: 24th Oct 2014====


====Update: 24th Oct 2014====


====Update: 20th Sept 2014====

Enjoy MTN Unlimited Browsing With Element53

Welcome to, within this period of time there have been some cheap browsing around like the etisalat free browsing via yourfreedom (YF) and the airtel free browsing via airsproxy for PC users, and here today we’ve come with somthing different.

Flex with Elements, this one rocks the free browsing world. It’s as fast as the speed of light, I’m sure you won’t regret giving it a try.

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Use Element To Browse Unlimitedly See How

    • First of all download Element. You can download it here
    • Open element53 and then click on DNS server and enter
    • Now click on network type & change network to MOBILE.

ALSO SEE: How To Manually Configure Your (MTN, GLO, AIRTEL AND ETISALAT) Sim Cards

    • Now Download Proxydroid here
    • Configure it Just like the below image.

  • Power on the ProxyDriod and then, Go back to your element53 click on the green button and automatically it will turn red. Just connect!

You should now the surfing the net using Element53.

====Update: 24th Oct 2014====

MTN BIS Rocking Hard On Android And PC Via Tunnel Guru

In our last cheap browsing talk, we discussed on how to use MTN BIS on your PC and Android using simple server, as if that isn’t enough, today we have a guest who says MTN BIS works with tunnel guru and wants to tell us how. Let me leave to stage for Mr. Anayo Ezinwa of BeMyGuest101.

Mr. Anayo, you can proceed.

MTN has gone to sleep, this time around leaving the Backdoor of their MTN BIS open to non blackberry users. In simple and clear terms, you can at the moment use MTN blackberry subscription to browse on non blackberry devices mostly android and PC.


Blackberry data plans are relatively cheap compared with the regular data bundles that work on PC and android devices. That’s why it makes logical sense to join the bandwagon and make the most use of this slight slip in MTN network and enjoy cheap internet browsing.

Ordinarily, MTN blackberry plan does not work on non blackberry devices but due to error of omission or commission the barrier has been broken through the power of Tunnelguru. Anyway, no much stories this time around so that you can swiftly get down to business browsing and downloading with MTN blackberry plan on PC with Tunnelguru before MTN finally wakes from slumber.

This simple procedure will get you right on track.Subscribe for any MTN blackberry complete plan (daily, weekly or monthly)

Daily costs #100. To subscribe Text bbcday to 21600

Weekly costs #500. To subscribe Text bbcweek to 21600

Monthly costs #1,000. To subscribe Text bbc to 21600

Wait for a confirmation Text from MTN to be sure that the subscription is successful.

Download Tunnelguru Chameleon from 32bit or 64bit please make sure your are using this chameleon version else it won’t work.
You can download here;
Chameleon 3.2Bit
Chameleon 6.4Bit

If this is your first time of using Tunnelguru download and install Java runtime to your system and also sign up for a free tunnelguru user account here.

  • SEE: What is The Best Data Plan for BlackBerry 10 Users

Extract the tunnelguru open it and use the following configuration

Choose demo server as a free user or any other server as a Premium user.

Rport: 80

Lport: 0

User: Tunnelguru username

Password: Tunnelguru password

On protocol choose TCP

Next click on START and enjoy.

Tunnelguru Free Demo server can only allow you 150MB data allowance while a Premium Upgrade will give you unlimited access. To upgrade your Free account to PREMIUM click Here

Enjoy while it lasts…


Anayo Xzynwa

====Update: 15th Oct 2014====

MTN BIS Working On PC and Android Via SimpleServer

This is a season for jubilation as lot of freebies have been dished out from different Networks in Nigeria and I must say’ browsing the internet has been made easy by cheap data plans offered by Nigerian Telecomunication services.
Okay! See for yourself:

MTN BIS Working On PC and Android

  • Airtel “Always On” Plan – The Unlimited Data Plan
  • Airtel Best Blackberry Plan
  • Airtel Nigeria Android Internet Data Plan

Unbelivable I guess? But they all still rock, Yes I still award Airtel Nigeria as the best. That by the way, today I’ll be telling you how you’ll be able to use MTN BIS on any PC or Android, I gave it a try and guess what? I’m enjoying MTN BIS now on my PC.
It rocks with simple server, I’m sorry I didn’t show it to you guys ontime, I was busy with some jobs so I couldn’t write it here, but now I’m here with it and it’s still working. Lemme not waste alot of time here, Lets Go Onpoint.. #EnjoyWithMe…

SimpleServer Settings For PC Users

==> Download SimpleServer here, for those who already have SS on your PC, Download this simple server config file here and configure it to your own

==> It’s better to subscribe to BBCDAY for #100 (3Gb) just for testing or you can try an already activated MTN Blackberry sim.

==> Now Configure your modem to

SimpleServer Setting For Android Users

==> Firstly download simpleserver for Android here, but is you already have continue with the second step.

==> Noe open your simpleserver and configure it this way;

  • Proxy host:
  • Proxy port: 8080
  • Injection method: get
  • Injection querry/url:
  • Injection host:
  • Injection line press your keyboard enter key 4times
  • log leve: debug
  • close and hit the connect button

How To Subscribe.

? To Subscribe to MTN BBCDAY Text bbcday to 21600 or Dial *216*1*1#, costs #100

? To Subscribe to MTN BBC Weekly plan Text bbcweek to 21600 or Dial *216*1*2#, costs #500.

? To Subscribe to MTN BBC Monthly plan Text bbc to 21600 or Dial *216*1*3#, costs #1,000.
Like I said earlier, it’s preferable you try the day plan which costs 100 naira first, before you subscribe for the weekly or monthly plan; so as to avoid any incoveniences.
It’s still rocking why not join and enjoy!…

====Update: 24th Oct 2014====

====Update: 28th Aug 2012====

Latest MTN Free Browsing PC Cheat Tweak on Your Freedom September

This is the latest Mtn Free browsing cheat code for Your Freedom and is currently working as at time of this post.

All you need do is either subscribe to weekly or monthly mtn bis plan.

Text bbcweek to 21600 cost 500 naira per week


bbc to 21600 cost 1500 naira per month.

1. Visit and register an account if you do not previously have one.

2. Download the latest version of Your Freedom.

3. Now install it on your Pc.

4. Configure as follows,


PORT : 53




Leave every other as default.

Now go to the account information Tab and insert your username and password which you you registered at their site ans now Save.

5. Connect your modem and set your

Access Point (APN) :

DIAL UP NO : *99#

Then connect modem.

6. Now start your connection from your freedom.

You have to set your browser

Proxy :

PORT : 8080

You hae to upgrade to Premium accounts if you need to enjoy Your Freedom, cos with the Trial account, you would be disconnected after 3hrs everyday.

Enjoy this Latest Mtn free browsing cheat trick tweak for september.

====Update: 28th July 2012====

Latest Mtn Free Browsing Cheat Trick Tweak for July August

Enjoy this Latest free browsing MTN tweak code for August 2012. With this you can browse for free on your Operamini and UCweb browsers using the MTN network.

Firstly configure your phone with the MTN defaut configuration.

IP = 10.199.2121.002

PORT= 8080

For Operamini Handler, configure as follows

HTTP Server =

Socket Server = socket://

Host =[email protected]

Now for Ucweb configure as follows

Leave All the Fields Empty!

Scroll Down to Proxy type Select ”HOST”

Proxy server =[email protected]

It rocks like mad on downloads. Enjoy it while it lasts.


====Update: 28th July 2012====

====Update: 28th July 2012====

====Update: 8th June 2012====

MTN BIS Tweak for free browsing


With this method you can browse unlimitedly fr a month for just N1500. Just follow the steps and thats it.
1. Load upto N1,500 Recharge Card on your Phone and Text BBC to 21600, The Money is would be Deducted and you will be Activated for the MTN BIS plan. (You can Send this Message from any Phone).

2. Now Remove the SIM from your Phone and Insert it into your Modem, Open the Modem Software Installed on your Phone.

3. Click on Tools > Options > Profile Management > Then Click on New and Fill in the New Network Details. Profile Name:-
MTN BIS APN:- Tick on Static, then type

in the APN Field

Access Number:- *99# Username & Password:- web

4. Then click on the Advanced.. Button, You will see the DNS Setting Option, Tick the Static Button and Enter the Below Data in..
Primary DNS:-
Secondary DNS:-

5. Now Click on the OK button once all this has been Done, Go back to the Home/Connection Page of the Modem Software and Choose the MTN Bis in the Profiile Name, Click on the Connect Button, You’re Set to Surf.

6. Now Open your Browser and Surf (No Extra Settings Needed).

Drop yor comments, YOU can now browse unlimitedly……..

Glo Free Browsing Tweaks for PC and Android


====Update: 24th Oct 2014====


====Update: 24th Oct 2014====


====Update: 1st Jan 2013====

Latest Free Browsing cheats for PC and Phones using Glo BIS

Happy New Year Peepz, I bring to you the Latest Free Browsing Cheat Trick using your Glo BlackBerry BIS subscription. This free browsing tweak works perfectly on phones, PDA and PC once you can connect your Glo SIM using the Glo BIS settings I would give you.
This post is similar to the MTN Free Browsing BIS PC cheat code I posted earlier on. Here is a detailed post for the Glo tweak below.

Firstly subscribe for any of Glo Blackberry Plans below.

For 1 Week subscribtion, send COWEEK to 777 (It costs N400 for 700MB)

For 1 Month subscribtion, send COMONTH to 777 (It costs N1500 for 3GB)

How to Configure your PC to browse for free

Create a New Network profile on your Modem with APN as

You can now Launch any Web browser on your PC to browse for free.

How to Configure your Phone for Glo free browsing

Create a new access point profile fields with APN as , then leave other fields empty.
You can now launch and connect your opera mini or any mobile web browser and surf the web.

This Latest Free Browsing PC and Mobile phone free browsing cheat works as at time of post using the Glo BIS blackberry plans.

I hope this helped.

====Update: 25th Feb 2012====

Latest Glo Opera Mini Free Browsing Configuration

I always keep you updated with the latest free browsing tricks whenever they are available, and this time I bring to you a little trick you can use to configure your opera mini browser to browse for free on Glo network.

Here is the latest free browsing configuration on Glo for Opera Mini free browsing.

Configure your phone with
IP =
Port = 80
APN (Access Point) = glosecure

Then configure your Opera Mini handler menu as follows

HTTP server =

This Glo free browsing trick is currently working as at time of post.

You have now successfully configured your moble using the glo network to browse for free. It downloads for free on opera mini 5.0, 5.2 and 5beta2 handlers. You could always join our web forum here for more interactive discussions.

I hope this helps

====Update: 23th Feb 2012====

Latest Ucweb Glo free browsing tricks

For those looking for the way to configure their ucweb browsers to browse for free with their glo sims, here the simple way to do so.

Configure your phone as follows.
Ip = leave empty
Port = leave empty
Apn = glosecure

Now configure your ucweb handler menu as follows

Front query = [email protected]
Host =

That’s all for that.

====Update: 24th Oct 2014====

Airtel Free Browsing Tweaks for PC and Android

====Update: 24th Oct 2014====

====Update: 24th Oct 2014====

====Update: 24th Oct 2014====

====Update: 29th Aug 2014====

Airtel Latest Free Browsing Tweak with AirSproxy Program for PC

Airtel is rocking the browsing world with the use of AirSproxy. Before we proceed lets see how the AirSproxy program works and how it minimizes your data usage.

Attributes of AirSproxy
The AirSproxy is an application that blocks all other unpermited programs, softwares or applications from connecting directly into the internet. And it also works as a proxy server that helps your browser surf through the internet with minimum data consumption

You Need To Know More Features?

? The AirSproxy helps in the housing of your computer’s firewall settings, which is also called AirSproxyWall (Your computer is protected).

NOTE: It’s preferable and adviceable to run the AirSproxywall on administrative mode, so that the firewall option can be clickable.

? It also allows the toggle button to be of control state of it’s firewall settings (AirSproxywall) by either using the ON/OFFoption.

? It can also be automatically operated, using the auto ON button whenever the application is launched.

Remember that the AirSproxy doesn’t allow unpermitted applications to connect to the internet freely, instead, it lets you create a whitelist of programs you wish to connect the internet directly.

For instance, as we want to let the AirSproxyconnect to the internet, you’re to click onadd application, then select the launchedAirSproxy.exe.

How to Setup Airtel Free Browsing Tweak with AirSproxy

Download AirSproxy Here

To setup a freebrowsing tweak with AirSproxy, you must need:

*. A Working Proxy Address (IP), which works under port 80.

*. A Username and Password if required

*. Finally, a local port which is not in use by any other program of your computer.

*. To configure the above settings, first move to any of your browser (i.e Mozilla firefox), then set the proxy address as port8080.

If you are done with the above step on your browser, you’re to find a working proxy running on port 80, when you get one, then input them in the AirSproxy program. You can find working proxies on sites like, (,, etc).

Recent working proxies:

Then connect and start surfing the internet at low cost. You can use just 4MB data to download over 10GB file with this tweak.

NB: This tweak is tested and comfirmed on a 64Bits OS computer, if you use 32bits OS computer, you can give it a try.

Thanks To GurusWizard and Mr. Chinonso.

====Update: 28th Oct 2012====


How to Get 100GB on Airtel for free

I was surfing a group yesterday on facebook when I discovered that this trick had gone viral and is confirmed to be working at the time of post. This latest free browsing trick code can get you up to 100GB data bundle on the Airtel network.

Airtel free Giga Byte Bundle for 100GB

Here is how to Get up to 100GB on Airtel

This trick works for those who subscribe for the Airtel Blackberry 1GB monthly, if you do not know about it, you can read:- Airtel 1GB monthly bundle for N1200

  1. Once you have echausted the 1200 Airtel data MB, load Airtel #1200 voucher on your phone and text the following.
  2. BSM and send to 440.
  3. You will receive a text message that request was not successful. Ignore the sms and check your data balance and you will discover that 1GB has already being credited to you.
  4. Repeat the same step again and again until you have gotten as many GB you want.

And that’s it. You’ve credited yourself with up to 100GB data bundle on Airtel. Hope you enjoyed this latest working free browsing airtel cheat trick.

====Update: 10th Dec 2011====

Latest Airtel Free 3GB bundle for #50 (opera mini trick included)

This is a very good one on the airtel side for making it the cheapest of its kind for this xmas season. Airtel gives you 3GB of data for just 50 naira airtime.

1. Load #100, but only #50 would be deducted.

2. Send 101 to 141 in an sms and you would be given a bundle plan of 3GB.
You can now browse till infinity.

Note:To check ur bundle type *141*712*0#.

Opera mini airtel free browsing tweak
Firstly download this Opera Mini Handler
Put in http server:
socket server: socket://
Leave other fields empty. When you open/launch ur opera mini, press #8, scroll down to protocol and change to SoCkEt and save. Enjoy while it last.

Etisalat Free Browsing Tweaks for PC and Android

====Update: 24th Oct 2014====

====Update: 7th Sept 2014====

====Update: 24th Oct 2014====

====Update: 7th Sept 2014====

====Update: 24th Oct 2014====

====Update: 7th Sept 2014====

Etisalat Latest Free Browsing Still Rocking Via YourFreedom

Welcome To techribs today. Whats new? It’s the Etisalat latest free browsing on for September 2014, it rocks hard on Smartphones. For those of you who dumped you etisalat simcards like I dis just go pick it up and dust your Etisalat sim card for unlimited free browsing. Ahan! Let’s Proceed.

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How To Browse Free With Etisalat Nigeria Using YF App
Follow the below steps to get this done.

Step 1: Download YF android app Here.

Step 2: Register with the YF app if you have’nt done so.

Note: Your Android Phone Must Be Rooted for you to Proceed. If your Android device is not rooted Click Here to root your Android device.

Step 3: Download Android DNS changer Here.

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Step 4: Launch the DNS Changer android app. And enter the following configurations below;

=>> Primary DNS:
=>> Alternate DNS Click on Set.

Step 5: Minimize the DNS Changer app orclick on “SET”, leave the DNS Changer that way then launch the your-freedom android app.

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Step 6: Now on the Your-Freedom android app, just look at the downside for Configure and click on it. Then Click on Account Information; and enter you-freedom account details, i.e username and Password.

Proceed further, by Clicking on SERVER CONNECTION; On Yf server option enter any of the following below;

*. ems03.your-freedom.deor

You may also use the WIZARD option to find a suitable server best for your location.
Connection Mode: DNS
Port: 53
Tweaks: Nigeria Etisalat
The other boxes are to be left the way they are.

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Now click on “Proxy Settings”, on the Proxy Address enter the setting below;
Proxy port: 8080

If you re done with the above configuration, just go to the homepage and click on “START CONNECTION”, If it connects, you’ll see something like the below image;

Remember: Your Freedom (YF) app requires upgrading to enjoy 24hrs full browsing. Those of you using the ordinary members can only browse for 2hours daily.

====Update: 27th Aug 2012====

Etisalat With Freedom Is Here With Amazing Speed On Your PC For Free


Etisalat freedom is here with amazing speed on your PC, The speed is wow!

No much talk, just follow the step as provided below?.

*1. Download the Latest Freedom with Below Link Software that has DNS Features

*2. Dont delay, Run&Install Your Freedom on your PC after Downloading and Configure it with the Settings in other Step.

*3. YF Server:- Use any of this ems 28,29,12,03,04,25 OR

*4. Conn Mode:- DNS

*5. Tweak:- Etisalat

*6. Tick the Box 1235678

*7. Minimum Buffer Size:- 1500

*8. Reconnection Delay:- 5000

*9. Initial Post Size:- 20000000

*10. FTP Mode:- Both .

*11. SSL Protocol Version:- Any.

*12. Go to Account Information, Input your Username and Password

*13. You can Create your Own Account Using Below Link , If you want to.

*14. Save&Exit.

15. Set your Internet Browser e.g Mozilla, Google Chrome or Opera to HTTP Proxy:- || PORT:- 8080 , Tick Use for all Protocol.

====Update: 27th Aug 2012====

====Update: 27th Aug 2012====

====Update: 12th July 2012====


It was broght to my notice that the etisalat free browsing cheats for operamini which I posted earlier today was blocked. Here is the latest free browsing etisalat cheat for operamini

If your opera has been blocked from free browsing all you
have to do is to change your:-

Using Etisalat default configuration

Opera http server:

Proxy Type: HTTP

Proxy Server to:-[email protected]

OR[email protected]

Enjoy this latest free browsing cheat code for july on Etisalat free browsing.

====Update: 12th July 2012====

Operamini Free Browsing Cheats for Etisalat

Etisalat free browsing cheats tricks for operamini July


Configure your phone with Etisalat defalt configration for free browsing


PORT: 8080

APN: etisalat

Now configure your operamini with this latest free browsing trick configuration

Proxy Type: HTTP

Proxy Server: %[email protected]
%[email protected] OR[email protected]

These are the latest and current working free browsing etisalat cheats for july 2012,

====Update: 7th July 2012====

Latest Etisalat free browsing cheat code for July

Here is the Latest Etisalat free browsing trick and cheat brought to you at your doorstep. LOL. Well, it’s been quite a while I posted anything on free browsing, but i decided to make it because of several free browsing requests.

Things you’ll need to browse free on Etisalat

– A gprs enabled mobile phone
– An Etisalat sim card
– And Operamini phone browser.

How to configure your phone for free browsing

Firstly configure your mobile phone to Etisalat default configuration and activate the configuration. If you don’t know how to configure the Etisalat configuration, click HERE.

Install Operamini into your mobile phone and configure as follows.

Use an Operamini which has filters eg 6.0,5b2

use filters

Proxy Type : HTTP
Proxy server:[email protected]

And that’s it. Remember to like this post and share on facebook. If you need more on free browsing tricks you could JOIN OUR FORUM to interract with other gurus for more.

====Update: 17th June 2012====

Etisalat Free Browsing Cheat

This is how to use your Etisalat free Facebook bundle to browse for free with any application including opera mini on your mobile phones.

STEP1 : Text FBM to 229 and you would be given 20MB.

STEP2: You can check your bundle balance with *228#

Change the FoLLOWING.


PORT: 8080


Then put this in your OperaMinI


Proxy Type: HTTP

Proxy sever:

That’s it. Please do not leave without click the LIKE button below.

====Update: 12th July 2012====


Follow the steps below

STEP 1: Go to PROXIFIER SITE and download ProxifierPE.exe (2.59MB.

STEP 2: Install proxifier.

STEP 3: Open the proxifier, then go to profile.

STEP 4: Go to PROXYSERVERS, click on it and ADD address:, Port: 8080, click ok.

STEP 5: Still under profile, click on Proxification rules, make sure the box is selected to be localhost and set it to DIRECT, Also set DEFAULT to HTTPS

STEP 6: go to ur browser (mozilla or any other browser) and click on NO PROXY. den save.

This open all sites.

This the fastest and latest free browsing cheat trick for Etislat on Pc this month.

====Update: 17th May 2012====

Etisalat BIS Tweak for free browsing

This is great news to all Nigerians ot there searching for my means to beat their Serice proiders for free browsing. The good news is it works on any device that can change dns settings. Without much waste of time, lets get to biz.

All you need do is subscribe for BIS daily plan of N100, by dialing *499*3*2#


Create a New profile on your modem And set your access point to

Then Go advance and set your dns as follows primary

DNS address:
Secondary DNS address:

now connect and configure all ur PC programs with the following proxy nd port address:-
Proxy address:-
port:- 8080 MOBILE PHONES

Set your apn to

Then go advanced. And change
Dns Address To
primary DNS address : secondary DNS address : ip: port: 8080 Exit and use all your apps Directly as if you’ve got bundle.

Check out our forum for more.

The same configuration pattern applies to your pc