Tecno N9 Tab – Specifications, Features and Price

Notwithstanding the fact that the Tecno N9 is a tablet device, it still has the capabilities of SMS and Call. These two combined in a tablet makes it one most sort after cheap tablets.

It was announced in July 2013 and below is a comprehensive tabular chart of the specifications.

tecno n9


  1. Hapi val. Bro it a. 9ice to met me u, I have been waiting for this golden opportunity to come on how to make life out of net. Please how do I go about it?

  2. waooo!!! Techno ae really trying,nice one there bruv! Thumb up.pls help me to unlock my nokia 1600,here is my ime number:358383/00/124131/2 pls help me with the security code….oscar

  3. Hello Oscar,

    The specs of this tablet are quite impressive, I must say. However, I am a die hard fan of the iPad and have consistently argued that it’s features can be beat by no other tablet available in the market today. Take the battery life for instance: 12+ hours! Isn’t that plain awesome? Plus the fact that all my blogging is carried out on it comfortably.

    The only minus is the price…and that is where cheaper options like the techno featured here come in.


    • Hi Terungwa,
      I’m not a fan of anything apple though. 🙂 The tecno tab comes at a cheap rate and is definitely a must have for people looking for ipad cheap alternatives. Thanks for coming by.


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