3 Basic Things To Do When Your Google Adsense Account Is Banned

How do you feel after earnin a good amount of money with adsense and your account gets banned or disabled saying you went against their terms of services?

Well, If You still want to Monetize your blog/website, below are the 3 basic things to do if your google adsense account gets disabled or banned.

#1. Appeal To Them: Yes. This is a nice approach. Send an appeal to Google if you believe you account was mistakenly banned. If your account was banned for invalid clicks and you suspect someone is behind that, you can also let them know about it through the appeal. If your appeal is not convincing, Google might Just overlook it, and your account is gone forever!!! Head to the next Step.

#2. Start Another Adsense Account: if your appeal was disregarded, creating a new adsense account should be the another thing to do. But before you create another adsense account, there are basic things you must change.. See them as below!!!

** You must change your name. (you must not use the same Name as in your previous account)
** You must change your email (you must not use the same Email as in your previous account)
** You must change your website (you must not use the same Website as in your previous account)

#3. Use Other Ads Network: This could be substituted for the second thing to do. If your appeal was not accepted, you can use adsense alternatives to monetize your blog/website. This has to do with choosing the best Ads network that you think will be appropriate for your website/blog. Other alternatives are Chitika, infolinks, etc.

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