5 Common Negative Beliefs about Blogger Blogs That Are Really Lies

Blogger Blogging Platform is one Google Product that I see that isnt Rated the way it should. Most Probloggers take Blogger based Bloggers as Unserious People. Blogger Like WordPress Has Many Advantages and disadvantages.

In This Post, We are going to Talk on Some Lies and Fallacies Which Many Bloggers Emphasize on and use them wrongly.

*. Your Blogger Blog is Owned By Google Not You.
*. WordPress Blogs Has Better SEO Than Blogger
*. Google Can Delete Your Blog at anytime
*. Blogger is Just For Beginners
*. Blogger Is For Unserious Bloggers

The Above Subtopics would be discussed in this Topic and I Hope by this Means to Remove the Thought from the Minds of Many Bloggers. Stay Tuned as we discuss them below:

*. Your Blog Is Owned By Google not you:

This Fallacy is one thing most bloggers use to defend wordpress on any debate/argument which concerns the two blogging Platforms. Well, It is truth that Google stores up your Posts and all its contents on her server, But Since it Gives you the ability to have them stored on your computer and Back them Your Posts else where, Doesnt It show that you have right over it? I believe that something which is not yours, you dont have right over it. On Blogger, You are free to Take Up all Your Posts and Blog Contents and Migrate to Self-Hosted Platforms whenever You Wish. I also Believe that something which is not yours, you dont have right to take it to anywhere you Like without the consent of the owner. But here, you dont demand for Google’s Permission to Move or Stay.

*. WordPress Has Better SEO than Blogger:

This is also one belief about Blogger and WordPress. Many Bloggers Believe that WordPress has SEO Advantages than blogger because of Lots of SEO pLugins which Lets them Rank well. These Plugins are Third party Made and Not Provided by WordPress Itself. On the Contrary, Blogger Provides Its Users with SEO Optimization such as Separate Meta Description for Posts, Custom Redirects Functionality, Custom Permalink Structure, custom robots.txt and header tags and lots More. Also, Blogger is better than WordPress in terms of SEObecause Blogger is sister website of Google and Google preference to Blogger and then crawl the blogger very fast in comparison to WordPress.

*. Google Can Delete Your Blog at anytime:

This Sounds Funny. Its Nothing But a Lie. Google can never delete your blog at anytime. Google only deletes your blog when you go against their TOS or your blog contracts Virus. This Fallacy is Being carried by people who create blogger blogs for illegal activities like distributing copyrighted materials, explicit contents and stuffs of similar nature.

*. Blogger is Just For Beginners:

Many Bloggers after being familiar with what blogging Is all about on Blogger decides to move to WordPress. But i can tell you that there are Many Pro bloggers on Blogger. Do you still call them Beginners because they are on Blogger? NO!! Its a Matter of Choice and preferences. This On one ways shows a great Advantage of Blogger over wordpress. Both Pro and Newbies can Use This Platform

*. Blogger Is For Unserious Bloggers:

Many People Believe that If you are on Blogger and Using the Subdomain, You are Unserious. I cant deny the fact that you need to spend much to be successful Like buying a custom domain and webhost then Move to WordPress. I can Tell you that With your blogspot subdomain, If you are on the right niche, Have interest on your blog niche and are serious with it, It doesnt mean wether you are on wordpress on Blogger, you will surely Succeed in Blogging. Even without Spending money on Custom Domain, You can Earn on Adsense and other Ads Platform if you Have what it takes to Earn Well with Them.