5 Time Wasting Activities Most Bloggers Engage in

Actually, There are things which most Bloggers do that kills time. The time they use in these activities would have been used to do better things for their blogs.
I also has been a victim of these activities but I learnt My lessons, therefore, I am writing from experience.

Though these activities matters most times, but when over-done, it becomes time wasting.

Many bloggers who engage in these acts are mostly Newbies who thinks that after creating a certain number of posts, they can now start Making Money, Thereby Wasting Their precious time and wait for money to come and meet Them.

Not to take much of your Time, Lets discuss on these Time wasting Factors.

1. Checking Blog Earnings Often:

Most Bloggers Including me(was) are victims of this. Checking one’s earning is a good thing to do. But doing it too often becomes a Waste of time. Some bloggers are in the Habit of checking their earnings not less than 10 times daily. Move from Adsense to Infolinks to chitika and so on. This is time they are supposed to meaningful Like research, New Posts, and Other Better things. If you are in the Habit of this, Try as much as you can to Minimize it. I have Librated myself already.

2. Often Check Of Mails

You must have subscribed for many important newsletters which you might not miss. But i put it to you that There is time for everything!! It is time wasting if you use time for your blog success to check up your emails. You can read those mails after writing your posts or making Researches for your blog.

3. Checking Blog Stats again and again:

Should I say this is a ‘Tradition’ Amongst most Bloggers? Yes!! I admit it, Checking blog stats is good to know your effort and it also helps you improve but when you check it over and over again, it becomes time wasting. Many are in the habit of checking their alexa rank daily. But when you use the time for these to think and research, I am sure you will create a great post for your blog which is the reason People Visit your blog!!!

4. Checking Other Blogs Stats

Checking Other blogs stats expecially the ‘Pro’ Bloggers and more successful blogs motivates you to pursue them but in a case where you even know their rank and Blog Statistics more than them is really a total Nonsense. You can use that Time for Better things for your own Blog.

5. Use of Social Networks

The Benefits of Social Networks For blog promotion can not be over-emphasized. Social Networks are for Networking but it is not used for the right things at the right time which results to Time wasting. I will suggest you to use social networks to promote your blog, nothing else and sometimes for getting in touch with friends and family.


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