7 Best URL Shorteners and Their Features

What is a URL shortener?

A URL shortener is an online application that allows the user to enter a full URL for any specific web page, click on a button, and automatically shortens a long wordy URL to a short domain name and uses a 5 or 6 character code. When users are clicking on that short links they are redirected to the original URLs just as if they had entered or clicked on that

Best URL Shorteners:

1. www.goo.gl


** Official URL shortener from Google.
** Reliable and trusted.
** Shows real time click analytics on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and all time basis of all the short Google links.
** Public Stats

2. www.bit.ly


** Organize your links Bundle links privately or publicly around a theme. Invite collaborators.
** Count your clicks See how popular your shared links become.
** One-stop sharing A single way to share your links across Facebook, Twitter, and email.

3. www.tinyurl.com


** Browser toolbar
** Control your alias by providing a custom one
** URL Redirection
** Hide Affiliate URLs
** Preview Feature

4. www.tiny.cc


** Monitor Traffic Statistics
** Edit Your Links
** Make Your Custom URLS
** Preview Links
** Referers to tell you where your traffic comes from

5. www.safe.mn


** Custom URLs
** All Links are thoroughly verified for viruses, malware, phishing, malicious content, session stealing, cross-site scripting attacks, etc
** Links are Publicly Available

6. www.adf.ly


** Place Your Links on Social Networks
** Earn Cool Cash From Anybody that visits your URL
** Link Statistics

7. www.su.pr


** URL shortener.
** It allows you to syndicate content to StumbleUpon, Facebook and Twitter at the same time
** Suggests the best time of day to post
** Allows you to schedule posts in the future.