7 Simple Tips That Will Take Your Blog To The Next Level

The Dream of every blogger is to own an internationally recognized blog with Huge Amount of visitors, backlinks, blog friends etc.

Taking your blog to the next level needs your Hard work and nothing more. You cant just be posting on your blog dail and expect it to grow upto the next level. #Impossible. There are things you should be doing to make your blog more engaging which will lead to its growth.

Lets see some tips that can be applied to take your blog to the next level..

#1. Connect with Other bloggers: Connecting with other bloggers in your niche is a great way to get your blog known thereby bringing growth to your blog.
You can get to meet other bloggers in your niche by joining bloggerrs communities.

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#2. Dropping Reasonable Comment on other Blogs: Commenting on other blogs related to your own niche is a great way to Move your blog forward. When i mean commenting on other blogs, i dont mean just saying “Nice Post”, “Great Post”. Comment reasonable and state why the post is a great one. You can See How Commenting on other Blogs can help your blog’s growth.

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#3. Guest Posting: Guest Posting is another Tip that can take your blog to another level. By this, i mean posting your contents as guest to other blogs that ranks higher than your blog. It increases your writing skills.

#4. Let your Blog readers talk about You: This has to do with adding social network/bookmarking sharing codes to your blog. This Let your readers share your post to their social profiles which might be a good source of traffic to you. You can use addthis or sharethis scripts to do so.

#5. Dont Blog anonymously: Bringing your blog to a greater hight, your blog readers should know you. If not in person, by Name..

#6. Great Content: This should be the first thing every blogger should know: “Great Content is the key to being a successful blogger”. Writing a blog post is not the problem but writing a great blog post which your readers will find interesting and informative will get your blog to a greater higher. It is always good for your blog post to be Unique, Original, Informative and interesting.

#7. Advertising: This is also a great way of getting you blog to a greater level. The use of PPC advertising network to advertise your blog can be a good way to to bring new people to know about your blog. Also, you can use direst advert programs. That is contacting Probloggers with High Amount of Visitors to Place your advert on their blog.