Blogging 101: Treating Your Blog Like A Girl Friend Instead of Like a Wife

If Blogging is one of your daily activities, believe me, you would treat your blog like more like your loved one. Your blogging success depends solely on how you take care of it. If you care less for your blog, then your blogging success is at a big risk.

Now, Do you treat your blog like a wife or like a girl friend? I used Wife And Girl friend in this Post because they are very close substitutes.

In this Post, we are not comparing which is better between a wife and a girl friend, rather, we will be discussing which would be better to treat your blog like.

Now, to make this post more comprehensive, we will compare Exchange Wife with Television and Girl Friend With Mobile phone. Lets Roll on.

1. Communication.

MOBILE is a two-way communication (u talk and listen), but with the TV you MUST only listen

2. Spending:

Operational costs for the TeleVision are often acceptable, but for the MOBILE it is often high and demanding

3. Mobility:

Your TeleVision is always at home but you always take your Mobile phone out.

4. Time:

You Spend More Time with you mobile phone than with your television

Now, We are going to explain the above 4 points in relation with how you should treat your blog.

1. Communication:

Treating your blog like a Mobile in terms of communication, you dont only post on your blog and go away. You post, read your readers’ comment/feedback, know what they think about your post, interract with them thereby giving a two way communication on your blog.

2. Spending:

Treating Your blog like a mobile in terms of Spending, You should be able to spend for your blog. If you expect much from it, you should be able to invest in it. Your blog readers are like the Data you buy for your Mobile. Give out contests, giveaways, awards to your readers.

3. Mobility:

Treating your blog like mobile phone in terms of Mobility, you as a blogger visits many places, take your blog along with you. Share it to people, let others know about your blog. Even though not everybody would be interested, few would be interested in checking it out.

4. Time:

Treating Your blog like a mobile phone in terms of Time, You as a blogger should have time for your blog. You should spend more time with it. Check out for things in your blog that update and upgrade in your blog and repair them.

With Respect to the above elaboration, i hope i have successfully passed a message to you on how why you should treat your blog more like a girl friend other than a wife.

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Happy Blogging