Etisalat Free Browsing Tweak for May June July 2014

Welcome back to blog once again as we bring to you the latest free browsing cheat or trick for your PC using the Etisalat network and Your Freedoms software.
I’ve shared a couple of free browsing tweaks for Android smartphones using MTN and other related free browsing tricks previously, while today I bring to the Etisalat users their version of the story on PC.

Make sure you follow the steps outlined below to easily browse for free as this is currently working as at time of post.

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How to setup Etisalat Free Browsing Tweak on your PC

Step 1: First download your-freedom VPN for your PC here and install, then run in adminstrative mode on your computer.

Step 2: Click on configure and input as address

Step 3: Input 53 as port.

Step 4: Then select DNS as the connection mode

Step 5: Then select Nigeria Etisalat as Tweaks

Step 6: Then tick box 3,5,7 and 9

Step 7: Input 1500 in the minimum buffer size.

Step 8: In Reconnection delay, input 5000

Step 9: Then input 10,000,000 in the initial post size.

Step 10: as for the minimum, input 2000 and select both on Ftp mode.

Step 11: On the SSL protocol section, select any.

Step 12: Then navigate to account information and input your username and password that you registered the website with, save and exit.

Finally, goto the ports, and untick web port, then input 6050 or 6052 and tick back.

==>Configure your browser like this
Proxy: and Port 6050 or 6052 depending on the one you used on Your Freedom

APN: etisalat

 Feel free to drop your comments to let us know if this etisalat free browsing tweak did work for you. Thanks